May 08 2015

In 2006, Michael Abramson, owner of Sayulita Acupuncture and Massage, stumbled across Sayulita. In the area for a wedding, he had heard that Sayulita was known for its surfing, and made the hour drive from Puerto Vallarta to check it out. Not only did he find waves, he also discovered that the town was home to several different types of healing modalities. “There was yoga, massage, and rolfing, and I thought, ‘Where is the local acupuncturist?’ There was none, and all of a sudden, the ultimate dream became an inspiring vision for me,” Michael confided.

At the time, Michael was living in San Diego, California, and finishing up a dual master’s program in Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) and Massage Therapy at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He was working with an impressive mentor, who invented Sports Acupuncture, and he was gaining experience working with elite professional athletes. He was also in the process of interviewing for positions in San Diego, with many promising leads, including the opportunity to be one of the first acupuncturists to work in Children’s Hospital of San Diego. “I imagined what would happen if I left this all behind in the States, including my passion in teaching and assisting unique teachers and doctors,” shared Michael. 

Ever since Michael was a child, he had dreamed of creating an art that was unique, different, and special. Following his heart with great ambition and passion to help people, he decided to do something that no one had quite done here in Sayulita: Bring an ancient 5000 year old year medicine to this community, and introduce the power of acupuncture, massage and Chinese Medicine.

Within a month of visiting Sayulita for just three days, Michael packed his jeep with as many belongings as possible, and drove directly to Sayulita from San Diego. "Never in my life did I imagine leaving all my teachers, friends, mentors, and contacts to move to a foreign country where I barely knew a single soul. When I look back at this risky decision to leave everything behind, I couldn't be happier in the incredible success and growth that I have experienced here in Sayulita."

Now, nine years later Michael is in high demand, attracting clients throughout the world, and has a very busy, thriving business. "It’s amazing each year to see how many people are open and willing to try an ancient medicine that seems to be growing in popularity all throughout the world. It’s even more exciting to see and connect with old familiar faces that return each year for treatments." Michael has become so popular as the towns acupuncturist, that during the peak season, it has become difficult for locals and tourists to schedule a session with him. 

Each year, Michael seeks to expand his practice to higher levels of healing. For example, this year he introduced holistic health workshops to the community. When Michael is not practicing his healing touch in Sayulita, he travels throughout the world, studying and learning different healing modalities, so that he can enhance the treatments he provides in our community.

"Michael's work as a healer is a wonderful gift to our community.  He is one of the finest body workers we know.  He has truly worked miracles in the lives of some of our friends.  Often he is the first person considered when someone is suffering from injury or even emotional distress.  He combines his amazing intuitive nature with his many hours of training and practice in massage, Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  We are so fortunate to have someone with his expertise in our healing community," said Gary and Jennifer Culp.

If you would like to schedule a session with Michael, contact him at Sayulita Acupuncture and Massage.