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Jun 05 2015

Axel Project, based in Ridgway, Colorado, made a generous donation of five Strider bicycles to the Costa Verde International School in Sayulita last month. This non-profit organization believes that a productive and happy life starts with bikes. Their mission is to introduce bicycling to children and their families and help nurture a passion for biking. 

Axel Project was started almost two years ago by Randy and Jenn Charrette in order to honor the memory of their son, Axel, who was killed in Sayulita in February of 2013. The adventurous two year old loved riding his Strider bike and his parents enjoyed watching as he enjoyed life and gained confidence in his riding ability. Axel Project hosts events, as well as donates bicycles.

“When Jen and I were given the opportunity to make a donation to the Costa Verde International School we loved the idea. The expat community in Sayulita really rallied around us in the hours and days after Axel was murdered and we really appreciate everything they did for us,” said Randy Charrette.

This generous donation provided by the Charrette family is heartwarming and beautiful in the face of suffering a huge tragedy here. Their response to be positive and give back to the community is amazing and truly appreciated by both the children and the staff at Costa Verde. “I was there and saw the kids get the bikes. They immediately all jumped on them. It’s wonderful to see them find their balance and see their big smiles. It was such a wonderful scene. It’s about giving, which is so nice,” shared Anne Menke, one of the founders of Costa Verde.