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Jul 03 2015

As the school year at Costa Verde International School comes to a close, I am filled with nothing but gratitude. So to the Sayulita community, I want to make a toast. I want to toast you, every single person in this community that is doing something to make our community a special place. For some this is through employing people in the community, for others it’s through caring for our local environment, and for others it’s through donations of time and money. I am nearing the end of my first year as a member of this community and I am still, on a daily basis, being inspired by people who are giving of themselves to bring joy and beauty to this place.  

I would also like to make this toast a little more personal. I’d like to specially thank the members of the community who believe in and support Costa Verde International School. From day one this school has had an incredible vision and mission, one focused on local scholars and the local environment. Some wonderful families have joined the school over the years to help it grow and thrive, and to these people we are forever grateful! 

But the truth is, CVIS would not be thriving and growing if it weren’t for the people of Sayulita. The generosity of spirit, time, and donations has been the real fuel of the school. Those of you who have generously supported the school over the years, or simply for this year, we owe you a huge debt of gratitude beyond anything you can imagine. You are helping us to give local children the opportunity of a lifetime—to participate in an international, bilingual community dedicated to holistic learning and environmental stewardship. What you are helping to give these children is an extraordinary gift.

So to all the people of Sayulita, near and far, we say a HUGE heartfelt thank you for all you do for this community, and especially what you do for the children of this community. We honor you, your commitment, and your generosity!