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Aug 07 2015

The plastic chairs have been put away and the canvas tent has been taken down. Cafe El Espresso is open for business… but the hole in our sky will remain. 

Yesica Doreli Ramos Gomez, born in San Pancho, Nayarit, on December 2nd 1983, was killed in a traffic accident on Mexico Highway 200 on July 18th while returning to her home in Sayulita after visiting with friends in San Jose. 

Kelly Gomez Encarnacion, Karla Navarrete, and Esmeralda Zepeda, all residents of San Pancho and lifelong amigas of Yesica’s, were also killed in the crash.

Yesica was the youngest of Simona Gomez Cibran and Manuel Ramos Ramos’s six children. She attended the escuela Primaria in Sayulita, Junior High School in Bucerias and High School in La Cruz. Yesica graduated Law School from Universidad Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta, but instead of pursuing a career in law, she opened up Cafe El Expresso ten years ago, at the age of 22.

Yesica was a favorite aunt of her 14 nieces and nephews. She was a great friend to countless locals and foreigners. Yesica was fearless, bold, beautiful, and magnificently opinionated. It is unlikely that any one person will ever represent the future of Sayulita more accurately, nor more acutely. Yesica was what the future of Sayulita looked like. She was a role model, a trusted liaison, and often the bridge connecting Sayulita’s locals and its foreign residents. 

Yesica was beloved, she was immortal… and would surely appreciate the irony that her last gift to us is the searing reminder of our own mortality… and the poignant truth that life is fragile, precious, and fleeting. 

Adios, Yesica… You will be missed. We were lucky to know you.