Oct 30 2015

The Chica Locca, a premium tour company in Sayulita, offers a wonderful experience on the waters of the Bahia de Banderas.  Trips generally go to the Marieta Islands, though tours to Yelapa, as well as to other beautiful destinations are in the works. The tours are all-inclusive with premium liquors, catered gourmet food, and all activities. This year, Chica Locca is making an exciting new change by becoming more environmentally friendly and going green. Gil Drory, owner of Chica Locca, tells El Sayulero more about this endeavor.

First off, tell me more about Chica Locca Tours. What does a day on the Chica Locca look like?

The Chica Locca is one of the larger boats on the bay at 60 feet, and of course, one of the most comfortable with big fluffy cushions for everyone, plenty of shade, and our upper sun deck with loungers. Some of the unique amenities are two water slides, four bathrooms, not to mention all of the water toys, such as  kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and fishing gear, and our famous water tube that runs behind the boat with our guests enjoying the ride. A new addition of fresh water showers on the back of the boat, as well as our giant floating cushions have been a real guest favorite too. The Chica Locca is dedicated to maintain excellence and continue to be the very best we can be. We always are continuing to improve service, quality, and fun by listening to our customers and finding out what they loved and how, if any, their day could have been improved.

Last year you did renovations on the boat? Will you tell me more about this?

We did a complete rebuild, adding a second sun deck. We also added two new bathrooms, new cushions, two outdoor showers, a double sized splash net, new sun loungers for the upstairs sun deck, new kayaks, new water tube for three people, new sound system, plus a complete repainting on the deck and hull.

Are there more changes in store?

A third dual person water slide so two people can enjoy the slide at the same time off the front upper deck of the boat, a diving board off the back upstairs, and a brand new engine with lower emissions and less exhaust (happening this weekend), as a another part of the “Go Green” commitment on the Chica Locca.

When did Chica Locca go green?

Our first step took place in late September when we ordered all of our green products. Our second step took place last weekend, when we implemented the products. The third step, which is a new engine, (lower emissions, lower fuel usage) is happening this weekend. The fourth step is green promo materials, and there are more steps to come.

How did this change come about?

From listening to our customers and our community of Sayulita.  Also, my love for the bay, the community, and all of the sea life, as well as wanting to do our small part to help the environment.

Why is going green important to you?

I love the water, the sea life, the area and environment, and want to do our part to protect it for the future.

What type of biodegradable products will you be using?

Plates, straws, utensils, napkins, and of course, our new cups with the “Go Green” logo that each guest gets to take one home.

You’ve committed to using no paper products? Will you tell me more about this?

Only biodegradable paper products will be used that are safe for the environment. All of our products are ordered from a specialty green company and manufactures only biodegradable green products.

Guests on all of your tours now get a “Go Green” souvenir cup. Will you tell me more about this?

We have ordered cups with the Chica Locca “Go Green” logo on them. Customers can use them to drink on the tour and then they each get to take one home with them as a continued reminder to do their part at home and to remind them of the great day they had on the Chica Locca. This is replacing over 300 plastic disposable cups on each tour that were just thrown away. Those days are gone and we are now a new green Chica Locca.

What other measures has Chica Locca taken to go green?

We are very close to being completely green. We are in the final stages with the new motor and green promotional products and printing. We also love to hear suggestions to go even greener if possible.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I would like to thank the community for the suggestions to go green and hope that other businesses will follow suit and continue to help. If we all do a small part,  Banderas Bay and our communities will be a safe environment for generations to come. I also would like to thank everyone for the support that they have shown the Chica Locca over the years within the community. So, my commitment to you is: We will always continue to be the best that we can be and always listen to your suggestions to maintain the excellence that you have come to enjoy. I hope to see you soon on the Chica Locca and remember “Go Green!”