Nov 10 2015

Dear Friends,

Sayulita is gearing up for the high season with two new trump cards in its pocket: the Ministerio Publico office and the designation as a Pueblo Magico by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism. We are already seeing the benefits of these features in more tourism activity. Pro Sayulita is proud to have provided support to establishing the Ministerio Publico office and obtaining the designation of Pueblo Magico.

The Ministerio Publico is the equivalent to having a district attorney in town and will allow victims  of crimes to file police reports without taking the time to go to Bucerias. If no report is filed, the police cannot take any action against the accused in a crime. Pro Sayulita provides funding for the Ministerio Publico offices, located in the Protection Civil building — also housing the fire department and an ambulance. The organization renovated the office and helped obtain furnishings so that an investigative officer and a secretary can both work and live at the site. They hold regular office hours and are available for emergencies. 

Representatives from Pro Sayulita also worked alongside committee members who spent many hours putting together Sayulita’s bid for the designation of Pueblo Magico. The task involved multiple federal, state and municipal agencies, plus concerned citizens. This designation recognizes our town as one that has unique attributes, setting it apart from other traditional tourist destinations.

Our Pueblo Magico designation has already resulted in some road improvements and the completion of moving overhead electrical lines in the Plaza underground. This was supposed to be done two years ago, however the projects were not funded until recently. This is a very useful halo effect from Pueblo Magico. Discussions are underway concerning the sewer plant and further town improvements on roads, sewer and storm drainage improvements, all of which will come from the Pueblo Magico Budget.

A major benefit is that the pueblo now has some input into zoning and the issuance of building permits. We hope and expect that building laws will be more closely enforced. Pro Sayulita is very excited about how our town will improve over the next several years.

These accomplishments require investments on the part of our members. They have taken hours of work and significant funds. If you are a visitor, business owner, or homeowner, please help us maintain our level of commitment to the community by becoming a member of Pro Sayulita (if you are not already one) and giving generously at the level that is appropriate for you. 

Thank you! 

Jack Jones, president

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