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Dec 11 2015

Looking for some Saturday morning fun for your child between the ages of 3-10 (or thereabouts)? SayuParke is now holding kid’s classes starting at 10 am, with a range of activities such as yoga, fitness/exercise, crafts, music, and storytelling. For a 20 peso fee,(half goes to the teacher and  half to the general park fun), kids can participate in the Saturday classes on a drop-in basis. The class only lasts 1 hour, so don’t be late.

We are excited to have a great line up of amazing teachers from the local community sharing and teaching in a fun and interactive environment. We have held an invigorating fitness class held by SUP athlete Shelby Dela Rosa Taylor, where about 20 kids demonstrated their physical capabilities of climbing and scaling the structures in individual and team activities. We also held a music class led by Alyssa Edmonson where the kids got to experiment in creating different sounds and rhythms while singing songs in both Spanish and English. This Saturday, December 12th is crafts with Ale Galvan, December 19th is yoga with Jessica Lusk, and in January, there is storytelling with Jennifer Culp. The classes are offered bilingually and everyone is invited to have fun.

The goal of the classes is to promote a community environment for kids, using the park space. We are also hoping the fee from the classes help to pay for our overhead costs.

If you have something you can offer to teach, or have a child (or visiting child), please contact us at SayuParke octaviajolley@gmail.com.