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Dec 11 2015

El Dorado, located in Sayulita, is a beautiful, grand villa that screams luxury. Designed and built by the Gomez family, who live in Guadalajara, the inspiration for this home came from one they previously lived in, in the States – Mrs. Gomez’s dream home. El Dorado Casa Sayulita, which was just completed last month, perfectly accommodates large groups, and is ideal for hosting an assortment of events, including amazing destination weddings. Andrea Gomez, the daughter of the owners, sits down with El Sayulero to tell us all about this house, the unique amenities that sets it apart from other houses in Sayulita, and what makes it ideal as a venue.

First off, how did you come up with the name, El Dorado?

The street the home is on hadn't been named when the paperwork for ownership of the land was being handled, so my dad was asked to pick a name on the spot and the first thing he thought off was "El Dorado," his favorite fish. Later on, it only made sense to name the house the same way.

Why did you choose Sayulita to build El Dorado?

My dad wanted to invest in something and he chose Sayulita – this is his home. His family has been coming here for the last 35+ years, back when camping on the beach was the only option. His parents had the chance to buy a little strip of land near the ocean where they slowly built their vacation home throughout the years. We have a lot of family ties in Sayulita. My grandparents live here six months out of the year and my uncle (his brother) owns the restaurant, El Break in town. 

Where is the house located?

It’s located just outside of downtown Sayulita in the jungle – about an 8 minute walk.

What makes the location of this house desirable?

It’s close enough to town that you can walk – or ride on a golf cart. But, it’s also far enough away that it is quiet. You can’t hear the nightlife and noise of festivals, etc. Since it’s located in the jungle, everywhere you look you see vegetation. From the pool of the house, you get a fantastic view of the jungle, as well as a creek that runs along the property. 

So, tell me more about El Dorado. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.?

The house has 5 bedrooms. Each bedroom has it’s own bathroom and there are 2 bathroom stalls (one for women/one for men) outside by the pool. The house has 3 living rooms (a family/tv room, a living area, and terrace). There’s a full gourmet kitchen inside the house that has a huge center island with seating space for 8, plus a large dining room table that easily seats 20+ people. There’s also an outdoor kitchen/BBQ area with a second dining table and a very spacious and manicured grassy lawn. 

How many people does the house accommodate to sleep?

The house comfortably accommodates 16 adults. The two living spaces inside the house can be turned into beds – so it can accommodate more, especially if there are children and teens – so about 20. 

For events?

As many as 100 people.

What makes El Dorado unique from other houses in Sayulita?

I would say the fact that it can host so many people all under one roof – it was built to host people, a place family and friends can enjoy each others company. The home also has a water slide – it’s awesome because it goes behind the vegetation, you’re sort of covered by it as you come out around it and into the pool, which has three areas – a kiddy pool, which flows into the larger main pool, and on the other side there's an elevated jacuzzi that overflows into the larger pool. It's solar powered, so chilly water isn't ever an issue. The tiles are a yellow/gold color  – giving the pool a lagoon-like look and feel. The house is also fully stocked with pool toys, and everything you need for a trip to the beach – cooler, chairs, umbrellas, towels, etc. 

El Dorado is marketed as a venue for events. What sort of events would work well hosted here?

Weddings, celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorettes –any type of close family gatherings. It doesn’t even have to be an event.  Just now my parents are staying in the house with some of their close friends. Each family is sharing their own bedroom. It’s just a random weekend and we’re enjoying the house as a family. 

Why would you suggest El Dorado for a destination wedding or another event?

The space, the location, the view, the amenities... It truly has so much to offer larger groups looking to comfortably spend time under the same roof.

How do your rates compare to other event venues in Sayulita?

I believe our rates are pretty low because of how many people the house can host. The house is being rented at a lower rate than most in Sayulita considering the number of people it can accommodate in a single home. El Dorado simply offers so much more living and leisure space for the cost. Not to mention the amazing pool and slide!

Do you work with wedding coordinators or other vendors in the area?

Of course! Like I mentioned earlier, we have various ties in Sayulita that over the years have helped us make many friends in all areas. There are several wedding coordinators we know and trust that we can help our guests get in touch with. They will never feel pressured into anything, on the contrary, I feel we could help make their event truly unforgettable and just what they had in mind. 

Anything else you would like to add?

I'd like to assure all of our future guests at El Dorado that they're in great hands. Sayulita and its surroundings have so much to offer and after all these years we've definitely been there and done that! Whether our guests are wanting something different like a visit to an alligator farm or a less crowded nearby beach, needing a trusty contact for baby gear or golf cart rentals, or the best places to eat in town, we can help. A stress free vacation is guaranteed!