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Feb 05 2016

With Live Theater Sayulita’s exciting sixth season coming up February 12, 13, and 14, you might want to know — where has the money for previous seasons gone?  Ninety percent of the proceeds for each season have been donated to causes such as the women’s shelter (for victims of domestic violence), the Primaria and the Secondaria. A minimal amount goes to promote the plays and purchase theater equipment.

Last year Live Theater Sayulita raised $2,600 USD and so far has donated $800 USD to the Secondaria to purchase supplies and $400 USD for ceiling fans for classrooms. The Primaria received $800 for supplies and another $600 was given to the women’s shelter.

“The Primaria has made a request for funds to help paint the exterior wall, and we plan to help them with that when they are ready,” said Cal Deyermond, the Company’s business manager.

Live Theater Sayulita’s upcoming season, called “All in the Timing,” includes four one-act plays: The Philadelphia and Sure Thing by David Ives (the Philadelphia has been abridged by Judy Greber); Breaking Up Against the Wind by Charles Horn; and In Realty by Gerald DiPego. Tickets are $300 pesos or $20 USD, and are available at the Pueblo Mercado or online at cfd55@gmail.com. Get yours soon — they are selling fast!