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Feb 05 2016

Talbot Ross, originally from Canada, grew up in both Canada and the United States. Following his passion for planning, he started his own business 20 year ago, Talbot Ross Weddings & Events, and two years ago he started Talbot Ross Event Accessory Rentals. He currently lives in Puerto Vallarta and offers his services all over the world. He has planned events in Mexico, Canada, Miami, Florence, and Italy, and four years ago began planning events in Sayulita.

How did your interest in event planning develop?

From a young child I was always mapping and planning something out.  The funny thing is I have never really liked going to parties, but I always loved planning, designing and creating them.

How did Talbot Ross Weddings & Events come about?

It all really started from throwing parties in high school. I was always on an event committee or organizing committee trying to change it up, get creative and think of something new.  From there as an adult it grew to designing and throwing a party in my home, always trying to come up with something new, unseen and bigger and better than before.

What type of events do you plan?

I just love designing and planning events and I have worked doing events in several different countries. I love mixing it up, doing a wedding one week, a big birthday party another week, and a huge celebration the next. I love the production side of events just as much as the design aspects.

What other services do you offer?

Really we are a full service event team… flowers, food, décor.  I love being involved and creative in all areas.

What do you like about event planning in Sayulita?

I love the energy of Sayulita,.. the surf, the sand, the beautiful weather, and the ease of the town

How would you describe your style when it comes to planning events?

I am definitely not a “cookie cutter” kind of guy. I love to be creative and think outside the box with something new and different every time.  That way it never gets old or boring.

How do you go about ensuring you create the perfect dream event for your client?

I really listen to my clients and try to guide them in the right direction. I know it’s their day, their dream. I just try and take that to a level they never thought possible

Will you describe one of the most memorable events you’ve planned in Sayulita?

A close friends birthday. I wanted to make it very special and all about them.  Interperate their personality into the mix.  Design and create form the heart, it always turns out authentic that way.

You have experience planning high profile events. For instance, you recently planned a birthday party for Lee Daniels, producer and director of Monster’s Ball. Will you tell me more about that?

That was a very last minute call that came in and I was very surprised because he is my favorite director. I got a call and did his birthday party for him and some of the cast of Empire and had two days to do it. I was so nervous at first to meet him and the expectations he must have because of what he is exposed to in his life. Turns out not only is he a creative genius, but a really great person.  He loved what I did for him and was so complimentary.  It really made me feel special, and we became friends.

Why do you suggest someone hire an event planner?

When you have a party, wedding, or event, as the host your attention should always be on guests. Taking the stress on is my job. These things are a lot of work and you really have to be skilled at coming up with plan b when things go wrong.

What can clients expect if they hire you?

My full attention, creativity, and a personalized service. These are the things that are so important and show in the details