Mar 04 2016

Tierra Viva Restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, first opened approximately seven years ago. Two years ago, Charlie and Melanie Vinge began running the day operation and in November of 2015, they also took over the night operation. Immediately setting forth to offer a unique experience for Sayulita locals and tourists, as well as an ideal spot for events and celebrations, they started construction of the Tierra Viva Terraza. Charlie Vinge tells El Sayulero more about this terrace.

So, first off, why did you and Melanie decide to build the terrace?

Our idea was to build a rooftop space similar to the ones you see in San Miguel – open-air with garden areas. A space that would be suitable for events like rehearsal dinners, weddings, and birthdays. We also wanted an area that we could show sports events without encroaching on people having a meal in the restaurant.

Is the terrace completely finished now? If so, what hours is it open?

Yes, we just finished it the end of January. It is open from 5-11 every night.

How does the ambiance of the terrace differ from the ambiance of the main floor?

The terrace is an open-air environment with no roof, allowing you to feel the breeze and see the stars. You’re above the street lights and away from the traffic, and you’re kind of sitting in a canopy of palm trees and the iguana trees. (The trees the large iguanas like to hang out it in). You’re also surrounded by a lot of potted plants and flowers on the terrace. Our solar rope lights and hanging lights set a nice mood and add a soft light. All in all, the terrace is a more tranquil space than the main restaurant.

What's the view of Sayulita like from the terrace?

You have a great view of the ocean from one corner of the terrace and also have great views of the street below. It’s perfect for people watching.

How many people does the terrace accommodate?

Currently we have seating for 48.

What type of food can people enjoy on the terrace? Is it the same menu as the restaurant?

The terrace has a different menu, which features more appetizer type food – ribs, chicken wings, onion rings, fries, jalapeno stuffed peppers, and so forth. We will be expanding the menu at a later date and also plan to add a grill to the terrace. For events and private parties, our kitchen can cater from the regular menu or we can offer a specialized menu selection.

How would you describe the food from the main restaurant?

Mexican fusion – We use a lot of traditional Mexican ingredients, but in a different presentation than the norm. We put a lot of emphasis on food from the sea- tuna, shrimp, mahi mahi, snapper. We focus on fresh ingredients and all of our salsas and sauces are homemade. Right now we have three great chefs – two went to culinary school in Puerto Vallarta and the other one went to culinary school in Guayabitos.

Do you have any specialty cocktails that are perfect for enjoying on the terrace?

We have great margaritas and several types of them, including passion fruit and coconut. We have a large selection of high-end tequila (anejos, reposados, blancos), and artisanal mezcals and raicillas. We also have draft beer, Dos Equis and Tecate, as well as several Mexican craft beers from Colima and Zacatecas.

What sets the experience of dining/enjoying a cocktail on the terrace apart from other dining options in Sayulita?

This is a unique terrace unlike any other in Sayulita. Being above the street provides a relaxing atmosphere and the lack of a roof offers a view of the night sky.

Will you be hosting any special events/live music on the terrace? If so, what?

Yes. We have live jazz music (Steve O’Connor and Steve Goldberg) on Wednesday nights from 8-10.

Aside from renting the terrace for larger functions, can people make reservations for smaller groups?

Yes, we can take reservations for all sizes of groups. We can also offer the use of the restaurant and terrace space combined.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The Terrace is a great space that people will be visiting to enjoy a favorite drink with friends and family.