Apr 29 2016

Peter Glass, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, lived nearly 35 years in Washington, D.C., and since 2004, spends half the year in Washington State and the other half in Sayulita and Nuevo Vallarta. For three years, he volunteered at the elementary school as an English tutor under a program headed by Cheryl Vaughn. Over the years, he has also volunteered at various Pro Sayulita events, and for the last six years, he has been focusing on Live Theater Sayulita.

How did you get involved with Live Theater Sayulita?

Live Theater Sayulita (LTS) is a theater project that was founded by Donna Evans-Deyermond and myself six years ago, and originally focused on addressing hunger issues in the community, especially as they impacted children. Our purpose has grown in that we work to support the Women and Children’s shelter in Nayarit and have also expanded our efforts to include each of the public schools in Sayulita.

How does this group make a difference in Sayulita?

The organization makes a difference by raising awareness of some significant needs facing public schools in Sayulita and keeping a focus on the valuable work being done to help women and children through Compassion For The Family, which oversees the shelter project.

What motivates you to continue to try to make a positive impact in Sayulita?

I think everyone connected with LTS is motivated by the reality that this may not be our year round home, but that there are needs that have to be addressed to provide a healthy and productive environment so that the entire village can thrive. Indeed, each group that works to better Sayulita (Pro Sayulita, SayulitAnimals, Juntos Por Mi Pueblo, etc.) has, I believe, a core belief that in the words of Dr. Paul Farmer, “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” We are all working, in our individual ways to show through action that every life in our community counts and is valued.

What changes do you want to see brought about by this group?

As far as Live Theater Sayulita is concerned, I would like to see more involvement from the community in bringing good dramatic fare to Sayulita. We need people who have an interest in theater to come out and work with us, especially the millennials and bilingual folks in our midst.

What role do you play?

I have worked with the group over the years as a director and as an actor. While my acting days are at a close, I am still passionately committed to helping the theater reach new heights from the point of view of selection of plays, directing, and most important, reaching out to the community to come and be a part of our effort. 

What have you gained from your involvement with this Live Theater Sayulita?

I have gained a sense of accomplishment from my involvement and I have gained new friendships, but mostly, I have gained the knowledge that in concert with others, needs in a community such as ours can be handled.

What positive changes have you seen brought about by your efforts? What are you most proud of?

I have seen a growing interest in making theater a continuing part of Sayulita. It speaks to the character of our supporters that some have come forth with anonymous cash donations to ensure that our product is presented in the best way possible for the benefit of all the patrons and the theater effort.

What additional change(s) would you like to see in the future and what are you doing to make this happen?

Changes? I would like to see more participation from the community, not just with the theater effort but with programs across the village that are designed to elevate every member of our community. I would appreciate the realization from those of us not native to Mexico that a vibrant, exciting, and loving community existed here long before our arrival; that we do not have answers to questions about a world in which we are guests.

How can others help? 

Others can help in so many ways. Cash donations to the community program that speaks to your spirit, whatever it is. The donation of your time and physical presence to making those programs more than mere conversational dances on a floor of good intention.

If you’d like to make a donation to LTS, please contact this group here.