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Dec 15 2014

Marina in La Cruz
'Lectronic Latitude - Sausalito,CA,USA

Work is underway on the big new 400-berth marina at La Cruz, Banderas Bay, Mexico.

La Cruz is about 10 miles NNW of Puerto Vallarta proper, seven miles NNW from Marina Paradise, and 10 miles east of Punta Mita. The area right off the panga marina breakwater has long been one of the favorite cruiser anchorages in Mexico.

Here's how the newspapers in Guadalajara are reporting on the development:
"Despite the objections of some residents, Nayarit Governor Ney Gonzalez this week formally inaugurated work on a 50-million-dollar private development in Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Plans for the seafront development include a two-kilometer malecon (boardwalk), a marina with 400 berths, a commercial mall, condominiums, and a hotel. Developers promise to respect environmental concerns and do their best not to obstruct views of the bay and access to the seafront. They say the project will be fashioned on the traditional malecon in Puerto Vallarta, rather than Nuevo Vallarta.

According to developers, local fishermen have signed an agreement to be relocated away from the beachfront where traditionally they have berthed their fishing boats. The project is financed in total by the private sector, but Gonzalez is promising to give his full support. Foreign capital accounts for around 45 percent of the investment. Construction is expected to last three years. The work will provide employment to around 800 people, say developers."

Locals think this much-needed marina in Banderas Bay is a win-win for everyone. It's located in the perfect place, shouldn't prevent cruisers from still anchoring out, will provide lots of jobs, and will give a real stimulus to the local economy.