May 27 2016

Palmar Trapiche, a Sayulita restaurant with excellent Mexican artisanal beers and mouthwatering cuisine, is making it a priority to give back to the community. The second location of the Cerveceria de Colima, Palmar Trapiche is adopting the same program as the original location, Martes de Causas y Colectivos (Tuesdays of Causes and Groups). On these nights, “the profit is for the cause,” exclaimed Mara Rico, the manager of the restaurant.

The way this program works is that local organizations apply to host a night/event at the restaurant and the entire night’s profits are generously donated to help the group’s cause. “We believe in the social and environmental potential of its people and projects. Us giving back is all about co-responsibilities,” added Mara.

The first Sayulita Martes de Causas y Colectivos will be held on Tuesday, June 7th. The LoveCats will perform live at 8:00pm and all profits from the sale of drinks and food will go to the Costa Verde International School for the Waves for Water project. “Thank you Palmar Trapiche for hosting CVIS and The LoveCats in your ongoing Causes y Colectivos. This is a brilliant way to support community organizations in a lovely venue,” said Tamra Koch, one of the founders of CVIS.

“Not only is Trapiche one of my personal favorite places to have a delicious beer and quality food, but they are also one of the most generous businesses in town when it comes to supporting local non-profit organizations. They understand what it means to give back,” exclaimed Sara Briner, one of the founders of Sayulitanimals.

Sayulitanimals will also be hosting a night in the near future (date to be determined) with proceeds going to their “broken bone” fund. “There are many dogs getting hit by cars and have broken bones, but we don't have the means to get them into surgery. This new fund will help us get money to be able to pay for broken bone surgeries,” said Sara.

Palmar Trapiche’s generosity in supporting the Sayulita community and local organizations is to be commended. Support of these organizations is the key to success, and Sayulita is lucky to have a business that feels so strongly about giving back.

If you’d like to host a night/event to support your local organization, contact Mara Rico.