Sep 30 2016

pork tenderloin with mushroom cream sauceI love pork tenderloin! It is a very lean, pure meat that takes to any flavoring you choose to use. Creating my own recipe was so fun. Last week my daughter, Carly, asked me for the recipe because I had been raving about how delicious it is. She reported back that indeed it was delicious and said, “Mom, I think that you should put it in your next El Sayulero column." So, here it is for all of you to make in your Sayulita kitchens and enjoy! 


-1 or 2 nice fresh pork tenderloins (Filete de puerco in Spanish)

-Fresh mushrooms - approximately 1 pound. Many Sayulita tiendas carry nice, fresh mushrooms  *A tip for slicing mushrooms easily - Take off 1 slice from the side and then sit the mushroom on the flat side. This makes the mushroom stable and very easy to slice.

-Olive oil

-Maple syrup

-Soya sauce *I prefer the brand Pekin 

- 2 fresh, good sized garlic cloves crushed

-Dried oregano

pork tenderloin before baking-Cracked black pepper - I like to use whole peppercorns in a pepper grinder because it is so fresh ground that way.

-Whipping cream - by Lyncott. in Mexico it is called crema para batir and can be found in many Sayulita tiendas.


-Remove any visible silverskin with a very fine sharp knife ** the silverskin is a thin membrane that is attached to the tenderloin, which is silverish in color. Carefully place a sharp, thin knife under the edge and remove slowly. When you can grab the end with a paper towel, you may be able to pull it off. Or slice a very thin layer off underneath the silverskin to remove.

--Place tenderloin on a pan that has been covered in parchment paper or foil  

-Smear the crushed garlic on both sides

-Sprinkle olive oil, maple syrup, and soya sauce over tenderloin (on both sides). Some of it will naturally slip off onto the parchment paper.

-Sprinkle both sides with crushed black pepper and oregano leaves 

-Roast at 350 degrees until medium rare. Check after 10 minutes. The internal temp should be between 135 and 140 degrees. It may seem undercooked at this point, but let it rest lightly tented with foil for 10 minutes. It will continue to cook because of the heat inside. Now it should be pink in the center and be at 145 degrees after resting.  

-While tenderloin is roasting sauté the sliced mushrooms

-Pour off all juices from the tenderloin into the sautéed mushroom pan and taste. If not enough flavor, add a bit of the olive oil, soya sauce, maple syrup, and cracked pepper

-Pour in enough cream to make a nice sauce

-Slice and serve with mushroom sauce over each slice or on the side. You will be delighted with your result as you enjoy this with friends and family in Sayulita! 

Look forward to my next column: Fresh Fruit Crumble with Yummy Shortbread Topping