Sep 30 2016

Eco Law Legal Services in Sayulita consists of three lawyers. They have been working with Sayulita residents since 2007, and recently opened an official office here in town. Yadira Lizeth Borrayo Fregoso, one of the three principals at the firm, sits down with El Sayulero to share a bit about the background and particulars of Eco Law.

What made you move to Sayulita?

We started to work in Sayulita with PROFEPA´s cases, and found there were a lot of legal issues, but no lawyers in town. (PROFEPA is an administrative body in Mexico that is a division of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. They work to ensure that people are complying with environmental laws.) 

How long has Eco Law been a business?

We have been working together as lawyers for seven years. We originally operated under the name Ecolex and changed the name to Eco Law three years ago. 

How long have you been a lawyer?  

I obtained my license in 2005. I have officially been a lawyer for 11 years, but I was working in the field before that. I began working during my third year of law school, so we are talking approximately 15 years.

How did you interest in law develop?

Honestly, law wasn't my first choice of study. However, in the end, I decided to study it because I found it was really interesting. When I started my practice, I had a wonderful teacher, who was my first boss and is now a partner in our firm, Eco Law. I discovered law is wonderful. It gives you tools that provide options to resolve problems. I love that because law is not always black and white. There are different options and different ways to approach various situations. Law is a key that allows you to open doors for people.

Tell me about your law firm, Eco Law. What are your specialties/areas of expertise? Who are your “ideal” clients?  

Within our practice, we have a lot of experience in agrarian law and regularization processes. Agrarian law deals with the rules that regulate ejido land. As you may know, Sayulita is on ejido land, which means it is not private property, and the “regularization process” changes it from ejido land to private property. We also prepare contracts and practice urbanity and administrative law. However, that doesn't mean we don’t have experience in other areas, as we are three lawyers with different experiences, backgrounds, and specialties. If you have a criminal case or a problem with a contract, we can help you too.

What sets you apart from other lawyers in the Sayulita area?  

We always make it a point to inform our clients about the law process and their respective cases. I think sharing information about cases and communicating is very important. We also present a general view about each individual case, so each client can see from the very beginning the strong points of their case, as well as the weak points.

Why should someone in Sayulita hire you?

We make it a point to review each legal situation in general, as well as to review the case based on the circumstances. Doing so, we are able to offer several options and find a solution. With us, you will always have a variety of options. We will find a solution to your question, and if we are unable to, we will tell you.

What do you like best about practicing law and living in Sayulita?

I like the people, as they have always been really nice to me. I think it's because they need a lawyer to trust, and they have found I can help them. I also enjoy the legal challenges. Sayulita has special legal procedures since we are talking about ejido land, as well as restricted areas. It’s vital that we advise our clients in all matters associated with this, especially those who are foreigners. This can sometimes be complicated and I enjoy the work. 

Tell me about your best Sayulita success story in terms of winning a case or achieving a certain outcome.

We specialize in regularizing a lot of ejido and CORETT (administrative authority in charge of regularizing lots) land for a low price, and we've been very successful doing this for many Sayulita clients.