Oct 28 2016

I’ve fostered over 50 dogs in Sayulita through SayulitAnimals. Somewhere along the line, I’ve lost count of the exact number, but in the last two years, my house has been a revolving door of foster dogs. It all started with Conchita, a beautiful, pot-bellied puppy that was barely larger than my hand. 

I had Conchita for six weeks, watched her grow, develop a personality, and become a happy-go-lucky puppy. When the time came to say goodbye, it was met with tears, and an insistence that I might just keep her. However, I knew that if I adopted her, I wouldn’t be able to continue to help the many dogs that are given a chance at a better life through SayulitAnimals

I knew that foster homes are absolutely necessary for the success of SayulitAnimals, and I have such a passion for dogs, puppies in particular, that I knew this was an important role I needed to fill. So, after Conchita came Oreo, then Rosie, then Tepiki, then Tigresa, and the list continues. 

Some of the dogs I’ve fostered I had for just one night, others I’ve had for several weeks, and a few dogs, a couple months. Fostering isn’t always easy. I’ve had a pup that was sick and didn’t make it. I had another pup that died during surgery. I’ve been a hospice foster, knowing that all I could do was provide a safe place, food for a full belly, and love. And through it all, I’ve learned the rewards of fostering are much greater than the heartbreak.

There’s joy in watching a mangy dog grow his hair back, in seeing a malnourished dog gain weight, and witness a scared and abused dog gain trust in humans once again. There’s something about holding a puppy and realizing how big, healthy, and happy he has grown in just a short time. It’s as if these dogs know exactly what you are doing for them when they look at you, lick your face, and wag their tail in exaggerated movements when they greet you. 

There’s also the excitement of seeing photos after a dog has been adopted with the happy faces of the new owners with their new beloved “family member.” One photo that especially stands out in my mind is one I actually got while still fostering a dog, Flor. She had already been adopted, but was still in Sayulita, waiting for a flight to Canada. The photo displayed a “Welcome Home, Flor” sign, along with a pet bed filled to the rim with treats, toys, and other dog accessories. When I saw this photo, my heart melted at the excitement of the family and the love I knew that was awaiting her. 

Living in dog-friendly Sayulita, it is extremely easy to foster. I’ve taken foster dogs nearly everywhere with me: Don Pedro’s for dinner, Aaleyah’s for margaritas, Mexifit to work out, and so on. Fostering has been such an amazing experience for me, and one that I feel appreciative to continue to experience. SayulitAnimals is always in need of more foster homes. If you’d like to foster, even if you’re only in Sayulita on vacation for a week (if you have a pet friendly rental), contact SayulitAnimals here. You’ll be happy you did.