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Nov 25 2016

Avenida Revolucion Closed: The main road into and out of Sayulita, Avenida Revolucion, remains closed while under reconstruction. The closure begins at the Punta Mita highway and continues to the entrance to town, just past the bus station. All residents, visitors, and rental guests must drive down Calle Pelicanos or Calle Libertad and pass through el centro to reach the north or south neighborhoods of Sayulita. This closure will continue through the Christmas holiday and beyond.

This closure is causing a daily traffic crisis. Cars, golf carts, taxis, and commercial trucks converge on the downtown area and on Pelicanos and Revolucion Sur, resulting in daily traffic gridlocks.

Addressing the Problem: At the request of Sayulita's Pueblo Magico committee, the Municipal tourist agency Turismo arranged for Tranisito Municipal to train JXMP members in traffic control, and certified them as traffic wardens. JXMP members now direct traffic at four or five different intersections downtown from 8 am to 4 pm everyday, including Sunday. 

The Cost: A generous grant from an anonymous party covered the initial cost of the project. This money is soon to run out, and Pro Sayulita makes an appeal to its members and supporters to keep downtown traffic moving until Avenida Revolucion reopens sometime next year!

It costs $75,000 pesos (about $3,800 USD) per month to employ JXMP members to continue directing traffic. Pro Sayulita agreed to cover these costs, and we appeal to you to help us with a three-month commitment of $50 USD or $100 USD per month. Your generous tax deductible contribution is greatly appreciated!

To donate to Pro Sayulita, please click HERE.

Please follow our Facebook page for traffic projects updates. Thank you!