Dec 07 2016

This relatively new place, Su Casa is still a work in progress, but the skewered shrimp dish is definitely an all-star treat. I mean, this presentation is a work of art, si? The shrimp are marinated in a ginger, maple, and pineapple glaze, giving a taste to the tender shrimp that is unique and delicious. When the shrimp come off the grill, the Picasso in the kitchen takes over to create a masterpiece for the eyeballs. The rice is wonderfully cooked and flavored and the vegetables are—miracle of miracles—actually cooked to that elusive degree of perfection, instead of the usual raw bits. Su Casa also has a great bar with some exotic and well made potables.

O.K, the music is a bit much for the older set, of which I am a member, but I know that the younger set loves this music. The action really begins a bit later when the dancers hit the floor. Staff are knocking themselves out to please and that attitude is always nice to see.  

Su Casa has the potential to be one of Sayulita's top spots. Meanwhile, it is a good place to raise a knife and fork.