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Jul 07 2017

Sayulita Sol Jewelry first opened at their current location on Delfin Street in June of 2004. However, they will have two new locations! One is open now and is located at Marlin 15-D. It just up the street from Don Pedro’s, on the opposite side. It’s a part of the new Plaza Agora. The second location will open this August when their original store closes its doors. It is located next to OXXO, in Annie Banannie’s Jewelry recent location.

First off, why the change of location?

The son of my landlord owns Barracuda Tacos, and two years ago they notified me that they were taking over the property when my lease was up. That will be this August 2017.

What do you like about the new location?

I love our two new spaces! They inspire me so much. They are a reflection of where I’m at right now as a jewelry designer and business owner and not where I was at in 2004.

How does the new space differ from the old one?

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to separate our workshop from our retail space. We’ve grown so much over the years and trying to share production with customer service was getting more and more complicated. In a way, this is a dream come true because I am building a workshop office apart from sales.

How would you describe the style of jewelry at Sayulita Sol Jewelry?

My goal is to design jewelry that can be worn anywhere. To work, to the beach, out to dinner, wherever life takes you. To achieve that, our style is simple, classic, and elegant. We find our inspiration in nature, especially around Sayulita. 

What sets it apart from other jewelry available in Sayulita?

I think we offer the biggest selection of jewelry in Sayulita. We have a lot of style options, from dainty to statement. We carry sterling silver and gold. We have an extensive selection of gemstones from common to rare. We offer items for every budget, starting at $100 pesos. I think our selection is what makes us special.

You also custom make jewelry. I’d love to hear more.

We are able to customize our Sayulita Sol Jewelry designs. You can order the chain longer, or a special stone combination that is meaningful. We do a lot of specialty work for our customers. It’s always nice to own something you helped design.

Your handmade jewelry is also available online. Will you tell us more about this?

We have our jewelry online in several locations. We have a U.S. based website and also a Mexican website. Our newest online location is on the website Shoptiques.com! My favorite thing about them is you can order from boutiques all over the world and only pay shipping once. There is a $15usd flat rate for international global shipping, and it’s waived on purchases over $200usd. This has really made it easy for our customers to order from us online.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Stop by and see us at Sayulita Sol Jewelry in either of our new locations! If you’re not in Sayulita, you can follow us using @sayulitasol on Facebook or Instagram to see what we’re up to! One more thing! Annie Banannie is up in Canada getting some health issues taken care of, and she will return to Sayulita this fall. She gave up her store, but she’ll be back in October. Stay tuned for her new location!