Dec 08 2017

Sayulita has become a great destination for families over the years and was even voted by National Geographic as one of the Best Family vacation spots in 2010. For kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, the set up of a village on the beach is easy and convenient to get around and to enjoy the myriad of food options and cute shops. The friendly community of Sayulita with its mix of locals, foreign full time residents, and other vacation revelers, has created a vibrant mix of cultures and people that offer great services and has given Sayulita its own distinct nature different from any other coastal Mexican town.

For 10 years, my service called BeBe Gear Rental has provided traveling families with items that make their trip a little more comfortable. The concept is to alleviate dragging heavy baby items with you and instead have the luxury of renting these same items which will be delivered and picked up at your rental. Items range from beds to highchairs to jogging strollers that can handle the cobbled roads. It has been a fun business where I have met hundreds of families and enjoyed hearing all the different names of kids along the way. Check it out here

A conversation that usually comes up when I drop off rental items is what there is to do with kids in Sayulita.From spending time mulling over ideas, the concept of creating a Kids Guide was born. In this guide, there are ideas ranging from kid friendly beaches due to nice sand and smaller wave action, to Cultural activities where kids can get a flavor of what life is like in Mexico. There is information on Outdoor and Nature activities to explore the natural environment and even some ideas for when its rainy outside. The guide has useful information about exotic fruits, dates that are celebrated with fiestas in Sayulita, and at the end provides pertinent emergency contact information. The Kids Guide to Sayulita has been a fun project to compile ideas and photos to get families active and integrated in what Sayulita and the surrounding areas has to offer.

My hope is that The Kids Guide to Sayulita will be a useful tool to visitors and get families out and about, encouraging interaction and lasting memories.

The Kids Guides are available for purchase (250 pesos / guide) in various local stores and restaurants including El Break Cafe, Costa Verde International School, and Luna Azul Surf Shop. It is also a great resource in rental homes, and I encourage home owners to consider a copy for their resource materials for their guests. I am providing a sticker that can be placed on the book cover that indicates it is a Home Copy and should be left in the rental. Also, with the holidays being around the corner, it is a handy gift for someone coming to visit the area.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in a copy. You can contact me here via email or visit my BeBe Gear Rental ad on Sayulita Life here. PDF version will be available soon.

From spots to view turtles and iguanas, to recommendations for great local surf instructors who specialize working with kids, this Kids Guide to Sayulita is a fun collection of useful and practical information for visiting families.