Jan 05 2018

The first time that we heard of Sayulita was about five years ago while sitting in surf lineup off the coast of Palos Verdes in Southern California. Our friends were talking about an undiscovered and unspoiled, sleepy village that had a great surf break and a laid-back attitude. One of the guys was married to a woman from the Nayarit area and visited Sayulita on a regular basis. He was very positive about the village and the surrounding area.

There was also a small piece in Sunset Magazine around that time, and coincidentally, or was it serendipity, that we scheduled a trip to Puerto Vallarta and rented a six bedroom villa with a group of friends. We thoroughly enjoyed the region around Puerto Vallarta and felt very comfortable with everyone that we met. We vowed to return, but this time to Sayulita!

Our first visit to Sayulita was in January 2013, and we have returned three more time since then.

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To read Bob and Janice's latest blog post about Sayulita, The Street Food of Sayulita, click here! Don Pedro's is mentioned in the post, and while not street food, the couple mention putting your toes in the sand and eating. After all, who wouldn't like that?