Feb 16 2018

Pro Sayulita members, donors, and supporters: There’s good news to report, but first a word about the status of the Infrastructure Fund. Through January 31, our accountant reports the fund received $230,000 USD and $300,000 MXN in donations, and spent $2,350,000 MXN (approximately $125,000 USD) on approved projects. Completion of Phase I of the Infrastructure project will nearly expend the remaining money in the Fund.

As reported last time, the Infrastructure Committee selected the local contractor and engineer, Miguel Perez, to dig up Calle Gaviotas and Calle Manuel Navarrete and lay new gravity sewer lines to the river. The work now involves crossing the river with a new sewer pipe supported by heavy reinforcement and constructing a large underground holding tank (carcamo) on the grounds of the treatment plant. Once he completes this work, the contractor will connect the carcamo to the plant, connect users to the new sewerage line, and repair the pavement on Gaviotas and Manuel Navarrete.

Pro Sayulita continues to work closely with the municipal government, the water agency OROMAPAS, the Ejido, the business association ADEPM, and the waste water company DOMOS to gain their cooperation with the project, and to move it to the next phase: Safe disposition of Sayulita’s waste water.

This coming phase will prevent untreated sewerage from flowing onto our beaches. As a community, we must address this public health threat to residents and visitors alike.

To move onto Phase II, additional donors must come forward with a generous contribution to the Infrastructure Fund. Everyone able to donate is obligated to help move the project forward.

Raising additional money will help support improvements to the treatment plant. Otherwise, the status quo will prevail. If you want change at the plant, make a generous donation to the Fund. Contributions of $5,000 USD will make a difference, although a donation of any amount helps.

Instructions on how to donate remain on our website or you can email us. We believe the politicians will help Sayulita address its wastewater crisis, and we will keep you informed on our progress. Thanks for supporting Pro Sayulita!