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Feb 16 2018

Today I was going to write about my most favorite new shrimp recipe, but hold the press! I have always loved Jalapeño Poppers, but had never tried to make them. I recently came across a recipe that sounded so simple, so easy, and so delicious that I absolutely had to make them. I just finished making them. They are in my refrigerator right now and I am sharing this wonderful recipe with you. I cannot believe how yummy they are and all the ingredients are available in almost every tienda here in Sayulita!


*190-210 grams Philadelphia Cream cheese, softened at room temperature

*1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened at room temperature

*2 nice size fresh jalapeño peppers; remove seeds and thick membrane and chop very fine. You can adjust the amount of jalapeños you add to taste.

*8 slices of bacon; cooked until crisp. Save all the bacon fat to add to popper mixture.

*1/2 cup grated Swiss, Cheddar or Asiago Cheese or a combination


-Crumble cooled bacon

-Mash softened cream cheese and butter together

-Add reserved bacon fat, finely chopped jalapeños and grated cheese

-Blend all together

-Refrigerate until mixture is firm

-Form small balls and roll in crumbled bacon. I found that I had to help the bacon stick by patting bits onto balls. If you have a small cookie or ice cream scoop it makes the job very easy. Please take a look at the photo of the ingredients and you will see the ice cream scoop I used.

-Refrigerate until firm and then INDULGE!

I am certain that you will love these as much as I do! Take them to your next Sayulita party or as I have done, make them for a snack to enjoy at any time. Right now is a perfect time! I promise you that my next column will be of my newest, and I think, best shrimp recipe that I have ever made!

If you would like me to make these jalapeno poppers for you by special order, please contact me through Live, Love & Eat in Sayulita.