Feb 16 2018

It is obvious when speaking to Señor Mora that he is very sincere, caring and has a serious desire to make Sayulita a better place; Sayulita is a part of his heart.

Elected November 26, 2017, José Manuel Mora is Sayulita’s newest Delegado, to a term lasting four years. “Everyone calls me Mora. People see me on the street or in the plaza and raise a hand and yell out:  Mora, hey Mora! Everyone calls me that.”

Señor Mora met me in front of his business, “Bienvenidos al Trabajo,” looking very dapper in a fancy Western shirt and cowboy hat and welcoming me into his cantina, on the second floor under the palapa. “Bienvenidos al Trabajo” is near the police station, at the corner of the entrance road and Calle Manuel Plasencia and is both a cantina and restaurant.

Though our new Delegado does not speak English, I managed to conduct the interview in my intermediate Spanish; Sr. Mora was very kind and patient, making sure that I had heard his answers correctly and had the correct spelling of some of the words he used.

How long have you lived in Sayulita?

For thirty-one years, in different places, including three years at Playa de los Muertos.

Do you have children, and does your family live in Sayulita?

I have four boys who are men now and 6 grandchildren. Yes, my family lives in Sayulita.

How did you come to be the new Delegado and why?

It wasn’t just me. The electorate voted for me and I won the position. It’s not that I wanted to be the Delegado; God is permitting me to take on this position and responsibility.

What are the responsibilities as the Delegado?

The most important is cleaning the town; this is the most important task for a successful Sayulita and for the success of its people.Issuing permits, both for gatherings (in the plaza, for instance) and for street vendors (which are good or 4 or 5 months). Repairing streets in the neighborhoods. Supporting and being the patron for the health clinic, the schools and the bull ring.

What do you think it Sayulita’s biggest challenge?

The trash. The most important thing is to clean our town, including one’s land. Sayulita has had problems with illegal dumping, for instance, in some areas along the Punta Mita highway. There is no trash dumping in Sayulita. All trash must be deposited with Girrsa or taken to (San Jose del) Valle.

Do you know what the plans are for the Baseball Field? What will happen to the baseball team?

It is likely that the baseball field is for sale or has been sold. The rumor that it will be turned into a casino is likely chisme, or gossip. There will be a new field for the baseball team, likely farther out (from the center of town).

What is your opinion of the resident foreigners in Sayulita?

It’s very good because there is more work for the people of Sayulita and good for the people who visit us.

Do you have something that you would like to say to Sayulita?

Thank you for electing me to be the Delegado of Sayulita. Thank you, Sayulita!