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Feb 16 2018

Pro Sayulita Public Meeting Minutes on February 8th, 2018 at El Pueblito Sayulita

New Sayulita Recycle Center - Lina Weissman announced that the recycle center will open on Monday, Feb. 12. It is located on the Punta de Mita highway near the secundaria and there will be a sign. There is a fence around the property. When driving in, you follow the red arrows to storage bins for glass, cardboard, metal, and plastic. Any donation of plastic bins to help with sorting would be appreciated. NO trash will be accepted and there will be a fine for dropping off trash. Please do not drop off recycle material when the centre is not open. The days and hours of operation are Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8am to 5pm. Congratulations to all the volunteers who helped with this project.

Beach Safety - Janice Parker announced that the lifeguard tower is now in place on the North Beach. There will be 18 more lifeguards and also more warning signs. Janice has been very successful in selling T-Shirts at the Sayulita Mercado del Pueblo on Fridays to support this project. Thanks to all the volunteers.

Pro Sayulita Gala Fundraising Dinner - the dinner is on March 8th at Brisa Mar Palapa. We are asking volunteers to help us procure items for the Live Auction.  A big thank you to Damien from Don Pedro's for hosting this event. 

Infrastructure - Victor Payro reported that the sewer pipes are finished across the river, and next week, they will be ready to be hooked up to the plant. A large container unit needs to be built in the plant before the final hook ups are made. (Phase 1)

Jack Jones spoke about Pro Sayulita supporting the transition of the water plant from being private to a public facility that will benefit all town residents. Pro Sayulita is working on having a seat on the advisory so that there is supervision of finances and maintenance. Pro Sayulita is the first non-profit organization to get a permit for public infrastructure repairs. Also, our group is the first non-profit to set up a trust for public projects.

Infrastructure Phase 2 – there was a brainstorming session in small groups organized by Charlie Knittel and Janet Moeller. The discussion focused on ideas to fundraise for Phase 2 of the infrastructure project.