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Kelly Guenther is not only an award-winning photographer who won a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography with The New York Times and one of a handful of photographers who pioneered the wedding photojournalism style, she is also an artist in the field of ceramics.  Kelly Guenther recently opened a studio in San Pancho to share her knowledge and love of pottery. Ceramica San Pancho offers group and private pottery classes for beginner to advanced students in wheel and hand-building techniques. I had the opportunity to talk to Kelly previously about her experience with photography, and we have the chance…

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I just made the most delicious, most beautiful vegetable art focaccia bread last night for a dinner party. This is an almond flour focaccia that I really love, but you can do vegetable art with any focaccia recipe you chose. This dish is a perfect appetizer for a New Year get-together, and your guests will be more than impressed! FOCACCIA INGREDIENTS: 2 cups shredded mozzarella, cheddar, or any grated cheese that you prefer 2 ounces cream cheese 2 cups superfine almond flour We have a Costco in Puerto Vallarta that carries great almond flour 1 Tablespoon baking powder 1/8 teaspoon…

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Kelly Guenther is an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of professional experience. She opened her first studio in NYC in 2001, and since then has shot over 300 weddings. Kelly began her career as a freelance news photographer for The New York Times during 9/11. From here she decided to make a change. ¨Honestly, I needed to photograph happier things for my mental health, so I started the wedding photojournalism business!¨ At this time it was the year 2002, and the idea of just documenting the day and not directing it was a new concept. Wedding photography as a…

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Bust a move & break it down now y'all! When you think of breakdancing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You might envision breakdancing as a “dance battle” type of scenario -- two guys in a dark club, dramatically battling it out on the dance floor in an attempt to win some type of “street cred” on who is the best dancer. The crowd cheers each performer on as they compete with increasingly intense and cool dance moves to try to insult or “outdance” the other. Of course, this is how the movies always make it out to be. If you’re anything like me, you might think that breakdancing looks like a total magic trick. How do they bend their body that way? How exactly do they do that with their arms and legs at the same time? A mixture of dance, isolations, contortions, and performance, breakdancing is an incredibly high-energy event to watch, and even more fun to try to learn. Sayulita Team is a team of breakdancers bringing performances and breakdancing lessons right here to Sayulita!
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Sayulita serves as the perfect backdrop for photography, whether it is a family shoot, individual portraits, a special event, or photos of vacation homes or local businesses. The only thing better than a place with lots of sunshine, picturesque beaches, lush jungle & vegetation, and bright, bold colors, is a professional, skilled photographer who can beautifully capture all of these elements! Camilla Fuchs is that photographer. With professional experience in surf, family portraits, weddings & special events, and real estate photography, Camilla can do it all here in Sayulita to preserve and capture your Sayulita moments.