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Tim B. Photography in Sayulita specializes in helping businesses gain more online attention in Google searches through Google Maps / Street Views and Virtual Tours, thus contributing to more online visits, more sales, and more profits for those businesses. His passion for both technology and the artistry of photography combine to make him a skilled and unique photographer in the area that can help boost the success of a business. I talked with Tim about his background, his passion for photography, his expertise in Google Maps and Virtual Tours, and how this could help a local business’s success.
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This month’s recipient of the Sayulita Life $5,000 donation is the Mar y Vida camp, run and organized by the local organization El Centro Creativo. The Mar y Vida camp is a five day camp for local youth, to be held on July 1st, 2019, through July 5th. The camp includes five days of fun, exploratory and learning based activities, such as art, surfing, and science experiments. I spoke with Risa Machuca, one of the leaders of the camp, about the Mar y Vida experience, and how Sayulita Life’s donation will help impact and benefit the camp and the local youth attending.
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Eric Miranda is the newest tattoo artist to arrive at Chops’ famous tattoo studio here in Sayulita, Papillon Family Studios. Originally from both Los Angeles and Vancouver, Eric has a lot of experience and knowledge in both art and design, as well as travel and culture. Although Eric may be a fresh face around here in Sayulita and in the tattoo world in general, his work is that of an experienced and seasoned artist. Eric tells me about what brought him to Papillon Family Studios in Sayulita, his background in tattooing, and what he loves most about his craft. It is safe to say that this is essentially a love story in many ways.
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Sandra Vazquez is a local Mexican artist who uses natural materials and high-quality craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind, handmade arts and crafts that reflect Mexican folklore and ethnic style. Her pieces are playful, colorful, whimsical, and vibrant. While her primary revenue comes from the sale of her products as wedding favors or keepsakes, she also sells her art as gifts, souvenirs, or for home décor accents. I talk with Sandra about her passion behind her creations and her background which led her to pursue her online business, Mexikan Art Studio.
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For a long time, tattoos have been negatively stigmatized in our society (and sometimes still are). “Only criminals get tattoos!” “Tattoos are for gang bangers!” You’ll never be able to get a professional job with all of those! I’ve heard these sentiments expressed often. However, in today’s modern culture, more so than ever, this negative stigma on tattoos is quickly dissolving. Chops, the owner and lead tattoo artist at Papillion Family Studios here in Sayulita is profoundly talented, professional, and deeply passionate for his craft. Chops is unmistakably and wonderfully, Chops—even his name is intriguing. What does “Chops” really mean? Is it a guise, or some kind of pen name? Is he a “one name only” artist, like Prince or Cher? Chops’s intrigue and signature style are not only in his name, but in his entire persona. Whether it be the black, short sleeve button-up he wears daily (only the top button buttoned, of course, revealing his fully tattooed stomach), his long, red, ZZ Top inspired beard, or his kind heart and tell-it-like-it-is personality, Sayulita knows Chops when we see him. I talk with Chops about his career in tattooing, his signature style, and about his tattoo shop, Papillion Family Studios.
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Our homes are our most intimate spaces. They are where we unwind, entertain, grow up, and connect with the ones we love the most. Although Palma Architectural and Interior Design is relatively young to the Sayulita market, this passionate team of four has already built an impressive list of media attention and was shortlisted in various architectural and design competitions. From small restaurants, to big residential projects, and everything in between, Palma Architectural and Interior Design creates beautiful designs that are in full harmony with the properties natural and cultural context. For this interview, we meet Juan Luis and talk about his design inspirations, architectural goals, his love for Sayulita, and more.
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Sayuquila Tequila & Art is one of the newest liquor shops to open up in Sayulita. However, this particular store is more than just a place to buy your favorite tequila. Sayuquila Tequila & Art is unique in the fact that it is more of a concept store than just a liquor store. The owner, Jose Luis, tells me about his store, why he opened it, and how it is special.
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We ask Marcos, from La Hamaca Gallery, the above questions. La Hamaca’s offers a wide variety of local 'artesanias' that are not only known for their splendid colors, but are also generally considered to have a purpose beyond the decorative and are crafted by the many indigenous groups of Mexico, from Oaxaca to Nayarit, to the Yucatan.