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Sayulita Fine Art Galleries: Local Traditional Folk Art & Eclectic Worldly Pieces

A SayulitaLife list of local art galleries. Sayulita offers a wide selection of fine art pieces to and priceless vacation gifts. Galleries offer folk, Huichol, local and National Mexican art, handmade pottery, paintings, and textiles are available at local Sayulita art galleries.

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Artefakto in Sayulita Mexico
Artefakto  sources hand crafted items from a number of culturally rich regions of Mexico. 
Artist Antonio Hernández in Sayulita Mexico
Beautiful Visual Artwork on any kind of surface! Murals, canvas, rocks, surf boards, golf carts and more!
Casa Nahuál in Sayulita Mexico
Largest selection of Fine Tradtional Mexican Folk Art, Pottery and Textles. Credit cards and personal checks accepted
Cori Jacobs Gallery in Sayulita Mexico
Cori Jacobs Gallery in Sayulita represents a delightful array of exquisite artworks.
Galeria Tanana in Sayulita Mexico
Museum quality Huichol art. Award winning beaded jewelry. Huichol books and symbolism. Unique collectibles.
JaLu Gallery in Sayulita Mexico
JaLu Gallery brings a whole new dimension of art, painting, and design to Sayulita Mexico.
Papillon Family Studios in Sayulita Mexico
Professional Tattoo Studio & Gallery with over 25 years of experience. 
Sayuquila Tequila & Art in Sayulita Mexico
Offering an Eclectic Collection of Agave based Liquor and Creative Artwork all under one roof. 
Tierra Huichol in Sayulita Mexico
Tierra Huichol in Sayulita is not only an art gallery and gift shop, but also is a project dedicated to sustain and prom..
Z Galeria in Sayulita Mexico
A delightful variety of encaustic works of art using a mixture of waxes to bring artwork alive in color and texture.
Showing 10 matching listings
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