Sayulita Wellness Retreat

La Cruz, Nayarit 1,188 Visitors
  • All-inclusive Wellness Retreats and Ceremonies For Singles, Couples, and Groups
  • Private & Group Psilocybin Macrodose Therapy
  • Private Ocean View Facility In A Gated Community
  • Psilocybin Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Sound Healing, Ice Therapy, Guided Hypnotherapy, and Yoga
  • Anti-Inflammatory Private Chef Prepared Vegan and Pescatarian Meals
  • Over 11 Natural and Scientifically Proven Processes

Sayulita Wellness Retreat in La Cruz, 20 minutes South of Sayulita, is designed to reset, restore, and find a deeper sense of presence in your life with our Psilocybin Retreat. The Psilocybin Retreat combines science and spirituality by merging practical and proven methods of psychotherapy, counseling, and medical support with the traditional wisdom passed down by the shaman of local medicine tribes.

Our Retreat is designed to improve the physical, chemical, mental, emotional and nutritional factors involved in stress relief, relaxation, releasing fears, healing trauma, and seeing life from insightful and exciting new perspectives.

Our multi-modal program focuses on merging 12 scientifically proven processes with psilocybin therapy to ensure our guests have profound realizations and breakthroughs in a safe and controlled environment.

Our leadership team at our wellness retreat in Mexico consists of Charly and Nirvana, both hailing from Tabasco, Mexico, and are from families that have provided ceremony and medicine practices for generations. As well as Keeley and Pedro our expert psychotherapists that lead the program and provide counseling and integration.

Our total staff of 15 professionals has provided over 10,107 successful psychedelic treatments and has helped patients overcome problems such as addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and fatigue.

We provide incredible chef-prepared healthy food daily. Our healing retreat in Mexico is a safe and luxurious environment to experience healing with views of the Pacific Ocean. We have a loving supportive team at our psilocybin retreat who are ready and a loving supportive team to help answer your questions and create an experience of a lifetime.

Our All-Inclusive Luxury Packages Include:

$500 - Remote Care & Therapy (New Offer)
$1,500 - 1 Day Traditional Shamanic Ceremony (New Offer)
$2,500 - 3 Days To Discover Yourself Ceremony (New Offer)
$4,997 - 4-Day All-Inclusive Retreat (Best Seller)
$6,997 - All-Inclusive Couples Retreats Start at $6,997 (Per Person)
$7,997 - 7-Day All-Inclusive Retreat
$14,997 - 7-Day All-Inclusive Platinum Retreat

Access is very easy, we provide private secure drivers to pick you up and drop you off from the Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR) included in your package. PVR is located 45 minutes from our psychedelic retreat facility and has flights from most major international cities.

For reservations and inquiries please use the contact form

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After struggling with anxiety, depression, and PTSD since my 20’s I had a marvelous reset at this retreat. I was able to let go of past trauma and find a deeper connection within myself. After the retreat with the help of the Sayulita’s team I built a better wellbeing practice of meditation and yoga that I was able to stick to. Also began focusing more on my growth in my career and by making investments and working smarter instead of harder
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Experienced: May, 2023
Highly Recommend
Overcame 20 years of anxiety, sleeping problems, and stress. Left the retreat with a renewed sense of purpose to take the next steps in my career and take on board leadership positions
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Experienced: February, 2023
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Andrew in Sayulita Mexico
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Andrew joined the Sayulita Wellness Team in January 2022 after a Psilocybin treatment with Charly and Nirvana. After suffering from anxiety for six years, the treatment was a turning point. He had created success in business as a marketing consultant and also worked helping other entrepreneurs with mental health struggles. Andrew instantly felt connected with the tribe and the love they shared with all their clients. Charly, Nirvana, and Andrew quickly became family, and Andrew began helping with treatments as a provider. It became apparent that there was synergy with the team. Andrew wanted to offer the same transformation he found through his treatment and offered to help expand the vision and reach thousands more wonderful people here at Sayulita Wellness and came on board!