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Sayulita Spa, Massage, and Therapeutic Services

An Extensive SayulitaLife list of certified and recommended spas, massage, and therapeutic services. Offer acupuncture, massage, holistic treatments, bridal and wedding spa services, and rejuvenation/relaxation procedures. Jungle, beach, and tranquil views aid your relaxitation and rejuvination services in Sayulita.

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7 Spa by Jessica Lusk - Photo: Georgia Glennon Photography
Nationally certified massage and cupping therapist. Located on the corner of Manuel Navarrete and Caracol at 7 Spa by J..
Acupuncture & Massages - Lucy Mejia In Sayulita
Lucy practices her massage and acupuncture from the comfort of your own home, hotel or rental house. 10 years experienc..
Alejandra Montoya Body Restoration Massage Studio and Boutique
HOUSE CALLS: Back to Back & Couples by Certifed Massage Therapist 
Away Spa at Hotel W Punta de Mita
Take a vacation from your vacation at Away Spa, located at the hotel W in Punta de Mita. 
Breathe Bliss Osteopathic Medicine & Wellness
Breathe Bliss offers osteopathic medicine, therapeutic massage and yoga and wellness through personalized therapy direc..
Buddha Gallery & Spa with massage, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and scalp treatment in Sayulita Mexico - Relax
Voted Best Spa in sayulita. The boutique features its own luxury women's brand.
Nirvanna Spa & Massage in Sayulita, Mexico
Relax and enjoy a variety of massages, mani & pedi and holistic health treatments, including the only SOQI treatmen..
Sayulita Holistic Bodywork with Riki in Sayulita
Quality bodywork since 14 years: Structural Integration, cold laser treatments, massage, dynamic cupping and Jin S..
The Joy of Floating in Sayulita
Incredible experience of weightlessness, luxurious escape and an easy way to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety while fl..
Showing 9 matching listings
9 Businesses