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Sayulita Yoga Center in Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita Yoga Center

Over 20 years experience practicing yoga
Brand new, air conditioned studio
Drop-in & private classes available
8 minute walk from the beach/plaza
All ages and abilities welcome
Our Teachers are Practitioners of Various different Yoga Disciplines

Sayulita Yoga Center will be your favorite place to practice yoga in Sayulita. One feels the serene atmosphere upon entering Sayulita Yoga Center, enhanced by our friendly staff and a peaceful color scheme.  




9 am - 10.00 am Hatha Yoga with Gwen


 930 am -11.00 am Vinyasa Yoga with Vanessa

6:00pm  Iyengar Yoga with Graziella 


9.00 am -10.00am Hatha Yoga  with Gwen

10.30 am-12.00 pm Kundalini Yoga with Emilia (November-May)


9:30 am - 11:00am Yoga with Graziella


9:30 am-11:00am Vinyasa with Vanessa 




*On location private classes available

Located on the Punta de Mita highway at the top of Calle Libertad - An 8 minute walk from the Beach & Plaza

Our studio is a beautiful, clean space to take a yoga class while in Sayulita. Sayulita Yoga Center provides air conditioning keeping the studio bug free and dust free. We provide all props including mats, or feel free to bring yours. Come a few minutes early to sign in. Sayulita Yoga Center is an 8 minute walk from the Sayulita Plaza and Beach with a parking lot.

The emphasis of Iyengar yoga  is based on alignment which is useful in the management of achieving Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, and Balance. 

Our Teachers:

Graziella Jones is a certified lyengar yoga student who has been practicing yoga for over 22 years. In 2008 Graziella took upon a teacher training in Iyengar yoga and was finally certified in 2014. Her love for this subject shines through in her teaching. She is compassionate guiding the student to honor their organic body. 
Vanessa Morett originally from Guadalajara Jalisco , has been practicing / teaching for over 16 years in Sayulita. 
Her classes are a combination of Hatha Yoga , Vinyasa and restorative yoga . She is been inspired in the last 8 years by her studies in a branch of Hatha yoga called Shadow Yoga. Deepening her studies in Aryuveda,
Qigong and energetic body work. 
She offers practical tools and methods to those who want to create longevity , balance and health in their daily lives . 
Nam Sanpreet Kaur is the spiritual name of Emilia Berwick Robinson, who is from the United Kingdom and who has lived in the port town of Chacala, on the coast of Nayarit since 2008. She graduated as an internationally certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in 2019 and became the only full-time yoga teacher in her community. She also holds diplomas for Teaching Kundalini Yoga Therapeutically.
Friday 9:30am-11:00am Vinyasa Yoga with Vanessa 
Santiago - Warrior Yoga - initiated his yoga journey over 12 years ago and is currently a 500-hour certified yoga instructor. His classes focus on mental discipline, spatial awareness and controlled movement. Through a mixture of Ashtanga, Gokul and Pralaya yoga traditions, he helps his students develop their own natural sense of body alignment, breath, strength, flexibility and balance. His classes are designed for beginners seeking to learn the basics of yoga as well as for advanced students seeking to take their practice to the next level. Come prepared to breathe, move, learn and grow. If there’s one thing Santiago has learned over the years it’s that it’s never too late to start.


Classic Iyengar Yoga-  You will be taught to stay in shoulder stand and headstand for some minutes within your capability. Poses will be taught from the ‘Introductory’ and the ‘Intermediate’ Level syllabuses of Iyengar Yoga.

Warrior Yoga - Focuses on developing strength, balance and flexibility. Through a mixture of Ashtanga, Gokul and Pralaya yoga tradition. Students strengthen their natural protective body armor and sharpen their skeletal alignment. As a beginner, Warrior Yoga will introduce the basics of yoga. And as an advanced student, Warrior Yoga will help sharpen the practice.

Vinyasa Yoga Series • This Sequences are designed to balance the qualities of the season.



       8 and 12 class Punch passes are  available 
Studio is for rent hourly
Please use the contact form to get in touch with any questions, by phone or email (please mention Sayulita Life). Find our convenient location by viewing the Map tab. Off-street parking is available in our parking lot.
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Total Score:
Great Class Great Studio
Had a great class with Graziella on my last trip she was extremely attentive on form and technique and at the same time kept a great flow going. I would attend again for sure!!
[Read more]
Experienced: October, 2021
Great teacher
Very clean,spacious studio with a calm atmosphere Graziella s Instructions are precise with attention to detail.She is a warm and passionate teacher,her lovely personality shines through in her teachings.I have enjoyed her classes immensely and Sayulita is fortunate to have such an good Iyengar teacher
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2019
This is a great studio with amazing classes! I leave class every time feeling more aligned, grounded, stronger and relaxed. It's like having bodywork done from the inside out, which not only feels great, but is also empowering and enlightening. Graziella is extremely knowledgeable and works with individual needs, so each student can get the most out of their practice. She has helped me work through my own pain, injuries and misalignment and I am so grateful! We are very fortunate to have her teaching here in Sayulita!
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2019
Really really good Yoga Teacher and classes
I just want to thank you again Graziella. I really love your teaching style. Your absolute dedication to alignment and posture in all the poses is so very very important. Your deep
knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and so many yoga postures as well as how to use props to assist with good alignment is stellar. Your own long term yoga practice is inspiring to witness. Watching you and listening to you demonstrate a pose so correctly makes all the difference. WOW!Although I didn't make it to as many classes as I would have liked ( my danged injuries ), I can tell/feel some very specific positive changes have happened in my body after practicing with you.I love your humor and grace as well.THANK YOU.I highly recommend Graziella as a Teacher ..~ Namaste
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2019
My best yoga
Graziella help me a lot teaching me micro movements to perform postures. I will keep this
Information for my former practice back home.
I just loved my 2 classes. Great yoga center and Fantastik teacher
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2019
Response from Owner/Manager on 12-06-2019
Thank you for your kind words Daniella 🙏
I look forward to seeing you next year when you come back . Hugs
[Read more]
Passionate for teaching!
Graziella is a master! She loves Yoga and her classes reflect her passion. She is demanding but always kind and charming. Don't miss the opportunity to practise Yoga with this gem of Sayulita.
[Read more]
Experienced: October, 2019
A gem in Sayulita.
I Stumbled across this gem in Sayulita. Graziella is an extremely experienced instuctor, in a newly opened, fully equipped yoga studio of her own. I highly recommend seeking her out.
[Read more]
Experienced: October, 2019
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Owner/Manager Name
Born in the United Kingdom,,Graziella has been practicing yoga for 22 years .She became a keen student of the Iyengar method and has been fortunate to attend many classes and workshops with many gifted and enthusiastic Iyengar teachers.. She g... [Read more]

Born in the United Kingdom,,Graziella has been practicing yoga for 22 years .She became a keen student of the Iyengar method and has been fortunate to attend many classes and workshops with many gifted and enthusiastic Iyengar teachers.. She graduated from The Iyengar Teacher Training program in 2014 and Iyengar certifications. She is currently studying under the guidance of Gloria Goldberg and shares her experience with the students in a precise and compassionate way.

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15L, Punta de Mita Highway,Sayulita
+52 322-198-5481
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Group/Private Classes
Kid Friendly
Reserve Online/Phone

Group/Private Classes
Kid Friendly
Reserve Online/Phone