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Sayulita Eco Development

Listing - FG500
Price: $400K
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Vacation Rental: N/A
Parking: Yes
Age: 2
View: Jungle and Ocean
Furnished: yes
Approx Land: see description for more info
Approx Building: 861 SF 80m2
Eco-founded community
4 additional lots included in price
Great neighbors
Walk to town
Natural environment
Development potential
Additional Listing Information

Here is an amazing opportunity to step in to the final creative  development stage of a well established Green Eco Project the popular surf town of Sayulita, Mexico. All the tough bureaucratic groundwork and infrastructure is done; over half the lots already have beautiful off grid solar powered homes, and the person taking the baton from here can step right into living in a beautiful Artisan Earthen cob home while they enjoy building out the last 4 remaining lots to sell for a very good profit. 

TierraLuz is an Eco Neighborhood where the home owners all share a commitment to living lighter on the land.  This purchase offers investors the opportunity realize excellent personal gain while making a contribution that betters the planet.  It is truly a win / win scenario that additionally will bring you the amazing lifestyle you seek in the robust community of Sayulita.
The founders will  convey/sell  the corporation that owns their Solar Powered Eco Home and 4 additional Ocean View titled lots to the investor at a price way below market value.  All properties are private titled lots which can be transferred to Bank Trusts.  All lot owners at TierraLuz become members of a Mexican Civil Association called TierraLuz, which owns 9,000 square meters of common area including a Solar Powered Well and Water Storage and Distribution System, Community Bodega, Community Yoga Meditation Platform, community roads, parking, jungle trails and established orchards and gardens.  Tierraluz Neigbrohood  is about a 5 minute drive to Sayulita beach and offers quick access to either the town center or exits to Punta Mita and Puerto Vallarta. 
Specifically the purchase includes:
Lot  6;  424.30 m2  with 2 bedroom 2 bath Solar Powered Eco Home & Ocean View with mini kitchen making a duplex.
Lot  7;   400.3 m2  level Ocean View lots in front of lot 6 ( potential to increase lot size for current Home on lot 6)
Lot 13;  406.6 m2  Premium Ocean View Lot
Lot  17;  917 m2  Premium Ocean View lot
Lot  19;  481 m2  Ocean View Lot
As members, the Founders will continue supporting the success of TierraLuz and will provide a wealth of information for the investor.  This project is in its final development stage: 11 lots at TierraLuz have already been sold and 8 houses built. Successful investor will demonstrate passion for the ecological vision of TierraLuz and a commitment to it's success. 

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