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Sayulita VIP Transportation in Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita VIP Transportation

A VIP experience with the same rates as other companies
Reliable and on time pickups
Wedding transportation services
Golf Carts, ask for prices
Complimentary chilled beverages
Courtesy stop at Mega for groceries on your way to Sayulita

Sayulita VIP Transportation Services offers comfort and luxury in their 7-passenger NEW suburban vehicles and professional, friendly drivers that make your trip to and from the Puerto Vallarta airport an enjoyable ride in style. A VIP- Ride with the same rates as others companies. Owner, Antonio and his crew of drivers will arrange to pick you up from the airport and take you safely to your Sayulita rental destination.

To view a list of our Airport Transfers and Tour Services, please view the "More" tab above

Sayulita Vip Transportation is a Sayulita family business, with an honest, responsible and reliable crew. Enjoy cold water and/or beers from their in-vehicle cooler on the ride to Sayulita. Infant and toddler seats are also available for the safety and comfort of little travelers.

Included in the round trip airport transfer price, we will also make a stop at the Mega department store on the way to Sayulita where you can purchase your groceries and items before heading to your relaxing Sayulita rental home or villa.

For larger groups, Sayulita VIP Transportation offers vans that can accomodate up to 10 passenger



We offer services for wedding transportation from the airport to sayulita and back for big groups with the best price and service in the area.

Our VIP fleet includes: 13 suburbans, 3 vans and our new additon SUBURBAN ESCALADE luxury service and bilingual drivers.

Tours are also available in luxury suburbans and large vans to surrounding areas. Customized tours available. Please contact us for details and other concierge services available

Sayulita VIP Transportation Suburbans Include:

  • New Suburbans
  • DVD players
  • Safety regularized infant/toddler seats
  • Chilled beers, bottled water, in-vehicle cooler
  • Trip to Mega department store
  • Air conditioning
  • Privacy glass windows

Please contact us via the form by email or telephone. Sayulita VIP Transportation Services looks forward to making your trip to and from the airport or other destination an enjoyable and comfortable ride in luxury. 

To view a list of our Airport Transfers and Tour Services, please view the "More" tab above

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from 40 reviews
Great Service
Hugo was great even though he had a difficult time finding our casa and was stuck with us for an extended overtime period he still smiled. I’m sure we irritated him. The vehicle was clean except the child seat, our 5 year old was offended LoL. Decent price, decent service.
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Experienced: January, 2019
Awesome service!!
We have been using Antonio VIP service for many years, and would highly recommend
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Experienced: January, 2019
Great service!
After a long day of travel and super long customs lines with two 3 year olds, walking out of the airport to see a sign with my name in it held by the smiling Fernando was a dream. He was waiting for us, car was clean, he was a great driver and stopped at the grocery store for us on the way to our house. I recommend them!
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Experienced: November, 2018
Amazing service!
I was so happy to use this service. Antonio was a great driver and I felt safe! I took one cab and it was a terrifying experience. I would recommend using the Salulita VIP Transportation every time! Worth every penny!
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Experienced: June, 2018
Incredible service, we used Toño all week!
Toño was our favorite! He was hired by the property manager of Hacienda Antigua to provide our airport transportation but we ended up calling him everyday. He was always on time and friendly. He also speaks great English. Next time we will only call Toño, about the same price as renting a car and much safer and better company.
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Experienced: June, 2018
Great service
All arrangements made on WhatsApp from CA and while in sayulita. We needed numerous services, made additional requests and changed pick up location. All handled well by Antonio. Antonio Jr was great!!
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Experienced: May, 2018
Excellent service. Every time.
Thank you, Antonio and team for such great service year after year. We have left items of value in the car TWICE 🤭 and Antonio’s team promptly delivered—even retrieving a lost iPhone from the airport for us!!! Truly exemplary service. Cannot recommend highly enough.
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Experienced: February, 2018
Unsafe/ Late Driver, Antonio Responded by Blaming Us
Used Antonio (Sayulita VIP Transportation) at a friend's recommendation. The arrival driver was fine and we tipped him. The departure driver (Leo) was 10 minutes late, with no phone call or notice, was rude, continuously texted and made phone calls while driving at high speeds, and basically dumped our bags at the airport, got in his car and drove off without even a goodbye. I use shuttles frequently in many counties and have never experienced such poor service. I emailed Antonio the following day to relay these concerns. Rather than apologize, he blamed us and said the driver was only 10 minutes late and complained we did not tip him. He claimed we did not tip the arrival driver (not true) and I think we received such poor service on purpose because of this lie. I told Antonio I will tell all my friends who frequent Sayulita not to use his service, and that he needs to speak with his driver regarding safety as my kids were in the car, but he brushed off my concerns.
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Experienced: January, 2018
Mediocre service at best
We were coming to Sayulita for my boyfriends 30th birthday so we decided to splurge on transportation instead of taking the bus or a taxi.

At the airport our driver was on time and very easy to find. When we got to the vehicle it was a basic passenger van instead of a fancy SUV like the pictures showed. It did the job but was not as advertised. We stopped at Mega which was really nice! This was also a main reason why we booked this transportation service.

When we got to our home in Sayulita I went to pay with a credit card and was told he could only take cash. I had asked multiple times in my emails if I could pay by credit card and they said yes every time. I was clear with him that I would be paying by credit card. Our driver offered to come back the next morning at 9am with a credit card machine. The next morning I had to call them at 10:30a to see if they were still coming. Eventually they showed up and charged me $150 instead of $130 as advertised.

I called Antonio directly to ask him about the extra $20 charge. He came up with multiple reasons why I would be charged extra. When I told him that was wrong he would come up with another excuse.

Reasons why I was charged an extra $150 from Antonio:
1. Because they had to come back with a credit card machine the next day after I had told him I would be paying by credit card in a reservation email.
2. It's a fee that my bank charged for international charges. This was wrong because my bank charged me a separate charge for international usage.
3. His bank charges a 5% surcharge for credit cards (Which still doesn't add up to an extra $20 charge).
4. Because we stopped at MEGA (which is advertised as complimentary on their website).
5. Because we were dropped off at our AirBnB and not the center of town (which I had clarified was included in $130 in emails).

At our pick up Antonio sent the driver with $10 for us. It was a nice gesture but I shouldn't have had to argue with an owner over $20 and given a ton of excuses of why they did it.

Lastly - I do not expect others to speak english in other countries but because my boyfriend and I spoke very little spanish I had asked them if the drivers were bilingual. I was told yes but both drivers spoke very little english.
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Experienced: December, 2017
Antonio was prompt and professional, great service!
I was a tad nervous because we didn't put any money down or get any fancy confirmation of our pick up at PVR but Antonio sent a driver as promised and all was easy, comfortable and smooth.

A couple of recommendations: First, when you are making your way out of the airport you will be mobbed by taxi companies trying to confuse you into taking one of their cars. Just keep moving OUT of the airport and onto the street. There will be a cordoned off area where car services with your name on it will be waiting. It was really confusing and congested and luckily a driver from another service found our driver...but our driver was there with our name on the VIP card, we just didn't see it right away.

Try and get as much money (pesos) out of the mega as you can, ATM's in Sayulita tap out at 3000 pesos, I felt like we lived at the ATM and there was a hefty fee each time.
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Experienced: December, 2017
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8:00 AM to 12:00 AM
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Calle Coral 30
+52 329-291-2007
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+52 1 322-109-4229
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+52 1 322-429-6691
(Please mention Sayulita Life)

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