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Costeño Surf School in Sayulita

Private surf lessons for all levels
Small and large group lessons
Instructors are professional surfers
Surf Camps
Surf Trips
Surfboard, SUP & Boogie boards rental

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Costeño Surf School in Sayulita was established in 2010 by Adrian "Gato" Rodriguez - local waterman and surf pro. The surf school is located on the main Sayulita beach right in front of famous El Costeño Restaurant. 

Our Sayulita Surf school, as well as surfing, is for everyone! No matter if you have never tried surfing, or you just want to get better at duck diving or cutbacks, we cater our lessons to all levels. We guarantee that you will have fun in safe learning environment and you will stand up and catch your own waves.

Our professional and bilingual team include:

  • Adrian, "El Gato” Owner of Costeño Surf School, Adrian started surfing at a young age in Sayulita. He has always had a strong connection with nature, especially with the ocean. His three favorite things to do are surfing, fishing, and diving. Adrian started competing in surfing when he was 12 years old and still continues to compete. He has represented Mexico in the ISA World Championships 4 times, competed throughout the country and South America and been sponsored by VANS and Pawa. He recently won the Zicatela Surf Open competition that was held in Puerto Escondido in 2015. Adrian gives lessons in both Spanish and English, he loves sharing his passion with his students and is said to be friendly, humble and always smiling. 

  • Kevin is Adrian's little brother. Just like his older brother, Kevin loves the ocean. Kevin started surfing at the very young age of 7 years old, encouraged by his brother. Now Kevin is considered to be one of the most promising upcoming local surfers in Sayulita. When Kevin is not teaching or working at the surf school, you will see him making beautiful cutbacks and turns in the lineup. Don´t hesitate to ask Kevin about tips about surfing, he will gladly help you out. 

  • Luar is a great surfer and athlete. He has been working for Costeño Surf School for years and speaks Spanish, English, and French!  When he is not surfing, you will see him playing around throwing back flips and doing handstands on the beach. 

  • Ayo is the manager of Costeño Surf School. Ayo is the friendliest and most laid back dog you will come across in Sayulita. You will find him either running around, swimming, eating, digging holes or flirting with girls. He loves to be buried in sand, delicious snacks and people rubbing his big belly. Don't be shy, come play with Ayo anytime!

We offer surf lessons, board rental, surf camps and surf trips.

Available for private and group lessons from a few to many people, families, or friends.
Please use the contact form to get in touch, by email or phone for the best deal for larger groups such as bachelor or bachlorette parties!

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from 7 reviews
The Best!
"El Gato" the best there is, pro surfer with tons of patience, you want to learn to surf or get better on wave selections, this is the place! Great times good stories, the best!
[Read more]
Experienced: January, 2018
Never too late to learn/we can't wait to bring the kids!
My husband is 50 and we actually did it! We both learned to surf! After you are married for 20 years it is hard to find something new to ignite the spark of fun. Kevin and Adrian at Costeno definately made sure we had fun. In fact, we had so much fun that we are planning a special trip with the kids just to bring them back here to learn to surf. We have been looking for a trip that our teenagers would enjoy before they are out of the house. They will LOVE this! Perfect golden beach, great surf instruction, cute town with good food - what more could we ask for?
[Read more]
Experienced: January, 2018
An exciting adventure was provided by these fun loving surfers
As a family of seven between the ages of 12 and 70, we were taking out for outstanding surf instructions. Everybody got on the board and everyone rode a wave. This was a great way to learn or improve your surfing techniques.
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2017
Great job all the way around.We had 6 surf students and all learned a lot.
Adrian was helping all our group that included 5 non surfers.
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2017
What a great experience surfing in Sayulita with Costeno Surf School
I enjoyed a half day surf trip with a group of surfers of various experience levels today.
Adrian, the owner of Costeno Surf School made sure to help each one of us improve our surfing skills. I am a beginner and was able to get up many times and have a great experience surfing the waves on a beautiful picturesque nearby beach. After surfing we stopped for some lunch at a great local spot to complete the day! Thanks for a awesome experience.
[Read more]
Experienced: July, 2017
Incredible Surf Lesson
I've taken a few surf lessons in Sayulita, but this lesson went above and beyond any of the other lessons I've taken. Gato definitely knows what he's doing when it comes to surfing, and he has a way of teaching that makes learning easy. He is patient, encouraging, friendly, and made me feel safe and confident in the water. I'll definitely be taking more lessons from him!
[Read more]
Experienced: July, 2017
Always One More! - the best experience
Costeno Surf School offered us an amazing experience.

I was in town for a week and spoke with many of the surf schools and rented from some of them. I was looking for a company with great equipment, fair rates and a careful professional approach that would help my family members surfing.

Adrian Rodriguez (the owner of Costeno Surf School) met and exceeded my expectation. I rented a fun board one day and surfed the Sayulita beach and then approached Adrian about a trip to find some bigger waves and less crowded lineup. I also wanted my family members to be coached to build a foundation in surfing - learn to reliably catch waves and then ride the face of a wave.

On the trip, we had an absolute blast. Adrian took complete care of the novice surfers and got all of them surfing. He met them at their various abilities and adapted to meet their needs.

Adrian is a very calm person who loves the ocean and has a strong respectful personal ethic. Adrian has been a fully sponsored as a pro surfer and still competes. I have surfed for many years 20 years ago and Adrian was able to coach me on my technique which was amazing for me getting reconnected to my rusty skills.

We had so much fun we would laugh and say "Always One More"

I highly recommend Costeno Surf School.
[Read more]
Experienced: June, 2017
Owner/Manager Name
Adrian, "El Gato”, owner of Costeño Surf School and local PRO started surfing at a young age in Sayulita. He has always had a strong connection with nature and with the ocean. His three favorite things to do are surfing, fishing, and diving.
Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Calle Delfin 14, Beach central
Mexico Telephone:
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Group/Private Classes
Kid Friendly
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Reserve Online/Phone

Group/Private Classes
Kid Friendly
Local Discounts
Reserve Online/Phone