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Jul 11 2015
July 11, 2008
El Sayulero from SayulitaLife.com
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Greetings 3,760 online Sayulero readers,

Lluvia?  Oh si señor, we have plenty of lluvia these days.  I have not seen it rain like this during June/July in Sayulita for at least ten years.  It ought to be a great upcoming winter season with all of the water and nourishment the plants and surrounding jungle are receiving.  And the land crabs, wow!  The population of Sayulita (including crabs) has just surpassed that of Los Angeles, California!

SayulitaLife.com Webmaster
P.S.  Remember, you can read all past interviews and Sayulita News articles on the SayulitaLife.com News page.
The Loss of a Sayulita Resident

On July 4th, Sayulita lost a young and talented individual who helped make our village a very special place to residents and tourists alike.  The body of Nestor Venegas was found south of Sayulita near the Patzcuaro beach.

A fellow Villas Vista Sayulita employee is reported to have confessed to the murder after quickly being taken into custody shortly after the body was discovered.  Initially, the other employee claimed the attack upon Nestor was performed by outsiders.  After viewing incriminating surveillance camera tapes with the police, he admitted to having a heated argument with Nestor on the roof of the Villas.  The vocal argument turned physical and ended with the employee grabbing a nearby knife and stabbing Nestor.  The body was then driven to the Patzcuaro beach area.

Nestor was the manger of Villas Vista Sayulita where he was well liked and respected by owners, visitors and fellow employees.  Principle Villas Vista Sayulita owner, Kevin Frazier comments that "Nestor was one of the finest employees I have ever had the joy of knowing in any business my entire life.  We received unsolicited letters praising his performance month after month from visitors to the house and the Villas."

Our thoughts and best wishes are with both the accused and Nestor's families as they deal with this terrible tragedy.
Open Registration at Escuela del Mundo in San Pancho
Escuela del Mundo, AC - a non profit, parent founded kinder and elementary school in San Pancho announces OPEN REGISTRATION, starting July 1st 2008. Our program offer a comprehensive curriculum that integrates Montessori methodology, state certified standards, Multi Disciplinary Art, Yoga and Environmentalism with an emphasis on the holistic development of each child.

phone 311.258.4441 

Monthly Tuition is $1,500 pesos Kinder-Preschool, $2,000 pesos Elementary.

This week's El Sayulero

Benjamin Castellanos ( Sayulita Salud Doctor)

Interviewer:  Heather Murray


1. Name of interviewee: Benjamín Anaya Castellanos
1. Nombre del entrevistado:  Benjamín Anaya Castellanos

2.  Birth date/age: October 8th 1984. I'm 23 years old
2. Año de nacimiento/Edad: El 8 de Octubre 1984. Tengo 23 anos.

3.  Born in Sayulita?  If not when did you first come to Sayulita to live? No, I was born in Tamazula de Gordiano, Jalisco and grew up in Guadalajara, Jalisco.  I came to Sayulita about 10 months ago for a job
3. Nació en Sayulita? No nací en Tamazula de Gordiano, Jalisco y creci en Guadalajara, Jalisco.  Me vine por Sayulita sobre 10 meses para trabajar.

4.  Education level: I graduated from the University Autonama of Guadalajara as a Family Practitioner
4.  Nivel de educación: Me gradué de la Universidad Autonama de Guadalajara como medico general.

5.  Family history & information?  I live alone here in Sayulita, I came her to Sayulita to work at the Salud clinic for a total of 1 year. I have one month left here before I go back to live with my family in Guadalajara, Jalisco.  I have made many friends here and spend my extra time in the community.  I like the town and its beauty.
5. Vive con su familia? Cuántos son?  Vivo solo aqui en Sayulita. Llegue aquí a Sayulita para trabajar en la Salud por un ano en total. Me faltan un mes mas aquí, y luego regreso a Guadalajara, Jalisco para vivir con mi familia.  Tengo muchos amigos aquí y en mi tiempo extra estoy con mis amigos en la comunidad.

6. Employment/business history: I am the doctor at the local Salud, which is operated by the government.  I've been a family practitioner here in Sayulita at the Salud clinic for the last 10 months since graduating from University. I plan to move back to Guadalajara to continue to practice medicine at a clinic there in the city and grow a practice there.
6. Empleo/Negocio/Ocupación: Soy el doctor a la Salud, y es un organización de gobierno.  He sido el médico general aqui en la Salud de Sayulita desde hace 10 meses después de graduarme de la Universidad.  Tengo planeado regresara Guadalajara para continuar a practicar medicina en una clínica allá en la ciudad.

7.  One positive change you have seen in Sayulita:  There have been many positive changes. The garbage collection has done a good job of keeping the town clean, and they have a well organized garbage pick up system now. A major positive change that I've seen here in Sayulita over the last 10 months has been the town's support with medicine donations to the clinic. Amigos de Sayulita is a private organization that has donated an abundance of medications and equipment to the health clinic as well as a defibulator machine for those with diabetes. Two American citizens who come to Sayulita have helped Amigos de Sayulita in bringing many medications from the United States down to the Salud Clinic, and for that we are very thankful.  They are Bruce Gearhart and Bill Eich. Their contributions make our job here much easier to help the people here in town with their illnesses and to care for their health.
7. Algún cambio positivo que haya observado en Sayulita: Hay muchos cambios positivos. La recoleccion de basura esta haciendo un buen trabajo en mantener Sayulita limpio, y ahora tienen una sistema mas organizada de recoger la basura. Un cambio positivo muy importantante que he visto aquí en Sayulita en el transcurso de los ultimos 10 meses ha sido el apoyo que ha recibido la clinica en donaciones de medicamentos. Amigos de Sayulita es una organización privada que ha donado una gran cantidad de medicinas, equipos y tambien un defibulador para los que tienen diabetes. Dos Americanos quien vienen seguido a Sayulita ha ayudado esta organización Amigos de Sayulita en traer estos medicamentos y equipos desde los Estados Unidos a la Salud, y eso agradecemos mucho.  Son Bruce Gearhart y Guillermo Eich.  Esos contribuciones hacen las cosas mas faciles para ayudar y apoyar la gente con sus saludes y enfermades.

8.  One negative change you have seen in Sayulita: I'd say a lack of change is the problem when it comes to the North side of the bridge in the surrounding area of the Salud clinic and the entrance to Sayulita. I think that this part of town has been neglected when it comes to cleaning up Sayulita and the town's general appearance. Although the garbage pickup is a positive change, I notice it doesn't get picked up as often as the garbage on the other side of the bridge, and in general as much effort needs to be put into this side of town as well. Unfortunately I feel this side of the bridge is forgotten about.
8. Algún cambio negativo que haya observado en Sayulita: Yo diria que el problema es una falta de cambio cuando se trata del lado norte del Puente por la area de la Salud y la entrada a Sayulita. Creo que descuidan esta parte del pueblo con la limpieza y la presentacion general de Sayulita. Aunque la recolección de basura es un cambio muy positivo, noto que casi no recogen la basura tan seguido como la recogen por el otro lado del puente, y en general pienso que es necesario poner tanta esfuerza en este lado del puente en manterlo limpio como en todos lados de Sayulita. Desafortunadamente siento que este lado del puente es olvidado.

9. How do you imagine Sayulita in 10 years? I imagine that Sayulita will keep growing, and eventually be overpopulated with a lot of traffic, and crowed beaches.
9. Cómo imagina Sayulita en 10 años?  Me imagino que Sayulita seguira creciendo y eventualmente será sobre populado con mucho trafico y con multitudes de personas en las playas.

10  Do you have a recommendation for the people of Sayulita?   Yes, I think the people of Sayulita need to start taking better care of our green areas, forests, and wildlife. Too many people are now more concerned with building homes and developments instead of looking around at nature and building some parks.
10. Alguna recomendación o comentario que quiera hacer a la gente de Sayulita?  Si, creo que la gente de Sayulita necesita empezar a cuidar mas las areas verdes, los bosques, y la fauna. Demasiadas personas les importa mas construir mas casas, y desarrollos en lugar de ver a su alrededor a la naturaleza y construir unos parques.

11 Other notes and/or comments (anything you would like to share with our readers):  I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of Amigos de Sayulita, other private groups, and tourists who have donated medication, equipment and our defibulator machine as well as the time they've taken in bringing these items from the United States, and their ongoing efforts to help support our community. Here at the clinic we are always appreciative of any donations we receive to help the people of Sayulita.
11. Otras notas y/o comentarios: Me gustaría tomar esta oportunidad para agradecer a los de Amigos Sayulita, los de otros grupos privados, y los turistas que han donado medicamentos, equipos, y nuestro defibulador y además su tiempo que han tomado en traer estas cosas desde los Estados Unidos, y sus esfuerzas que continuamente ayudan a apoyar nuestra comunidad. Aquí en la Salud siempre agradecemos cualquier donación que recibimos para ayudar la gente de Sayulita.

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Sayulita "word of the week"
mostrar la hilacha
Pronunciación aproximada: moh-STRAHR lie-LAH-cha

Significado: to show one's true colors

Ejemplo: Una vez más los manifestantes mostraron la hilacha, y esta vez de la manera más grotesca.

Traducción: Once again the protesters showed their true colors, and this time in the most grotesque manner.

Aviso: Standing alone, the noun hilacha means a loose or raveled thread. Las hilachas is a regional term referring to ragged clothing.
Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.
SayulitaLife.com Webmaster
Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico 

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