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Darrin Polischuk of the Mango Tree Pr...Darrin Polischuk of the Mango Tree Project
“Going through the flood (in 2010) cemented our life here in Sayulita. We lived in Tamarindo at the time and lost everything; I was only a...
El Delegado de Sayulita: Sr. MoraEl Delegado de Sayulita: Sr. Mora
It is obvious when speaking to Señor Mora that he is very sincere, caring and has a serious desire to make Sayulita a better place; Sayu...
Pro Sayulita Public Meeting MinutesPro Sayulita Public Meeting Minutes
Pro Sayulita Public Meeting Minutes on February 8th, 2018 at El Pueblito SayulitaNew Sayulita Recycle Center  - Lina W...
Live, Love and Eat in Sayulita: Jalap...Live, Love and Eat in Sayulita: Jalapeno Poppers
Today I was going to write about my most favorite new shrimp recipe, but hold the press! I have always loved Jalapeño Popper s, but had n...
Pro Sayulita Infrastructure UpdatePro Sayulita Infrastructure Update
Pro Sayulita members, donors, and supporters: There’s good news to report, but first a word about the status of the Infrastructure Fund. ...
Yah Yah Cafe: Grand Re-openingYah Yah Cafe: Grand Re-opening
Long-time popular Sayulita hangout on the plaza, Yah-Yah Café , has moved to Ninos Heroes, near the corner of Bugambilias. Yah-Yah had a ...
Live, Love & Eat in Sayulita: Carrot ...Live, Love & Eat in Sayulita: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
If you were at the Pro Sayulita fundraiser last week at Ruben’s ranch and you indulged in Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing , you were ...
Interview with Martha and Larry Casaz...Interview with Martha and Larry Casazza: Founders of Escuela Cooperativa de Sayulita
Why did you open a preschool, Escuela Cooperativa de Sayulita , here in Sayulita in August 2017?We have been coming to Sayulita for almo...
Just Ship It: SayulitaJust Ship It: Sayulita
Just Ship It Sayulita has closed.Looking for a hassle-free way to send and receive packages in Sayulita? Look no further! Tessa, from...
Living the Dream in Sayulita: Captain...Living the Dream in Sayulita: Captain Eugenie, Owner of Sinfonia Nautical
An interview with Captain Eugenie; sailor, teacher and owner of Sinfonia Nautical. Although Eugenie now calls Sayulita her home, she is orig...
El Pueblito SayulitaEl Pueblito Sayulita
Marketing Director Kevin Zarazua emphasizes that El Pueblito truly embodies the sentiment of “ mi casa es su casa ” and welcomes...
Costa Verde's "Moulin Rouge" Scholars...Costa Verde's
EVENT DETAILS :       Tuesday, February 20, 5:00 - 11:00 PM at  Brisa del Mar Palapa . Tickets: $60 USD / $1200 MXN (Inclu...

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