Nov 07 2014

The highly anticipated Mercado Del Pueblo Sayulita, our local farmers market, will open for its 6th season today, Friday, November 7th. This market will be open each Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and is located on Calle Revolucion, just north of the bridge. Lina Weissman, one of the founders of this market, tells El Sayulero more about the Mercado Del Pueblo Sayulita and why you don’t want to miss it.

How and when did Mercado Del Pueblo Sayulita first start? 

The Mercado was created 6 years ago and was the first farmer’s market in the Bahia; we are very proud of that. It was created by a small group of local Sayulita mothers who were looking for healthier options for our families.

How many vendors will be at this market and where are they coming from? 

On any day, there are between 70-75 vendors at the Mercado. We focus on local producers so most vendors either come from Sayulita or within one hour of us. 

Who are some of the vendors and what types of products will be sold each week? 

We started the Mercado to attract and support local, organic and natural farmers by providing them a place to sell directly to the public. Each year, we attract new farmers and we are always looking for more. Most organic products produced in Mexico are actually exported to the US, as demand is higher there. Our local farmer’s market movement helps keep some of these products here in Sayulita!  In addition to organic foods, one will find natural cleaning supplies and cosmetics, organic chocolate, honey, jams and salsas, and a lot of artisan food products.  In addition, we have a small and select group of artists coming this season.    
One of the great things about this market is the variety of gluten free and vegan options. What are some examples of items people should expect to see? 

Yes, every year the demand is growing for these types of products so every year we add more options.  This year, we will have options for savory breads, lots of treats, soups and whole meals and of course, raw foods.  Some of these foods are ready to eat at the market and others are designed to take home and enjoy.
The Mercado Del Pueblo Sayulita places a special emphasis on being green. Would you elaborate on this? 

The Mercado has always been a not for profit market. What this means is that all our proceeds go directly to supporting important issues in town. We decide on what to support with the help of local leaders such as the Delegado, the Vigilantes and Pro Sayulita.  Starting last year, we created a group called Eco Sayulita whose mission it is to turn Sayulita into a green community.  This year, all producers will be using biodegradable containers and we will be selling, at cost, these containers and natural cleaning products to the community.

What type of entertainment can people expect at this market? 

Opening day will feature Dos Betos, one of our more popular bands. Every week, we have live music and seating. Everybody is welcome to just come listen and enjoy themselves!

How would you describe the vibe of Mercado Del Pueblo Sayulita? 

Good question! I think most people would say that it is the place to be on Fridays! Most of the town shows up to shop, eat, listen to music and chat. Looking for somebody on Friday? Come to the market!

Any final words or thoughts?

It is incredible how much support we have had in town, especially from Sayulita Life!  Many of the local, community organizations have places at the market and it is a great place to know what is going on and how to contribute! Make sure to stop by this Friday and visit Pro Sayulita,SayulitaAnimalsCosta Verde International School, Escuelo del Mundo,Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita and Entre Amigos!  We can all partner and make a better community!

For more information, check out the Mercado Del Pueblo’s brand new website,!