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Jan 30 2015

Only 11 months after opening Origenes David Luna in Sayulita, Pepe Kabande and David Luna, have opened a second store, Origenes Men in Sayulita. This new shop, which opened December 30th, carries ethnic clothing and accessories for men. These fashionable items are made in various locations of Mexico from natural fabrics and materials.

“We opened this store in Sayulita because it is unique. People often ask where I buy my clothes, and generally they are things that I made or found in another part of the world. David and I am both crazy about clothes and really like ethnic styles. We believe ethnic is part of the folk art of the world,” shared Pepe.

One item that is selling well is a version of a Moroccan kaftan, which is similar to a robe or tunic and is long sleeved, that David designed to be more contemporary and fashionable than the traditional version. Various twists in design include a Japanese look, a Mexican look, and a Texan look.  “People love them. We have only been open for 30 days and have already sold 18 kaftans. We have even had an online order from Houston through Sayulita Life,” shared Pepe.

David also redesigns traditional accessories for charros, otherwise known as Mexican cowboys. These items, such as bracelets, keychains and belts for hats, are made from horsehair, and have proved to be very popular.

Pepe, well known for his love of hats with feathers, has designed a line of hats that are also sold in Origenes Men.  “It is like my sign. It is my look. I think I was the first one in Sayulita wearing hats in this way,” shared Pepe. An artist, Shel Feeders, constructs the hats based on Pepe’s designs.

A line of shirts from designer, Alejandro Julian, from Guadalajara, is also sold at this store. These 100% shirts are lightweight, embroidered by Huichol Indians, and are very high quality shirts.

Pepe exudes passion for his work, is excited to offer locals and tourists the opportunity to purchase something original and different, and has a way of making each and every customer feel comfortable and welcome in Origenes Men. “I love to be in my shop.  I’m doing something and it makes me feel useful.  I want people to feel loved and helped when they come into my store,” shared Pepe.