Mar 27 2015

The Pro Sayulita annual general meeting took place on Wednesday, March 18th at River Café Sayulita. During this meeting, the slate of board members for 2015 was voted on and passed. While the number of board members in previous years has been seven, it was increased to nine.

Jack Jones continues to serve as the president, Carol Ashwell as the secretary, and Janet Moeller, Damien Porter, Lili Perez Scott, and Cheryl Vaughan also remain on the board. Three new people were elected this year: Charlie Knittel as Treasurer, Cap Sparling, and Ruben Rodriguez. “I joined because I believe Pro Sayulita has a critical role to play in Sayulita. Both in helping local partners to succeed and integrating locals into Pro Sayulita, and also continuing to make Sayulita a better place to live for everyone,” shared Cap Sparling.

The annual fundraiser was a success and raised $40,000 USD. The proceeds will be used for all Pro Sayulita programs, as well as added beach safety.

Several highlights of the past year were mentioned, which includes the formation of a membership committee, and obtaining 5013C status, which allows donors to make tax deductions for donations. Oswaldo Vallejo, was hired and works as the community project liaison, and has been instrumental in opening communication on local and state levels. A new Pro Sayulita website was launched with the hard work of Paula Gignac, in conjunction with Nationbuilders. Pro Sayulita also continues to empower many organizations in Sayulita, including SayulitAnimals, EcoSayulita, and Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita.

The Pueblo Magico committee, led by Marcos Scott, the committee president, was formed this past year and has been influential in getting government officials to support more services in Sayulita. By July 30th, we will know if Sayulita will be named a Pueblo Magico.

“We are excited about 2015 and it’s increased opportunities. We will continue to work to improve Sayulita, and support our local partner organizations and the Pueblo Magico initiative,” said Jack Jones, president of Pro Sayulita.

If you haven’t already donated, please consider a partial “tax supplement” and make a generous donation today to this organization that the entire village of Sayulita is so fortunate to maintain.

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