Dec 05 2016

The annual SayulitAnimals fundraiser and bar crawl, “Screw it, I’m wearing my shoes,” took place on Saturday, November 22nd.  Women donned high heels and cowboy boots for the occasion, and a few of the men wore their sexiest hats. It was a night full of fun, dancing, and laughter, all in the name of raising money to maintain programs for this animal welfare organization in Sayulita.

Approximately 40 people went to this event and were served a specialty drink or beer, as well as tasty snacks, at each location. The bars that participated were Escondido, Calypso, Don Pedro’s, Public House, and Latitude 20. Donations for puppy kisses and selling tequila shots for vaccination shots raised additional funds during the pub crawl.

“I’d like to thank each of the bars that participated, the people that attended the event and SayulitaLife for helping to promote it. It was a very successful night and we are very grateful to everyone,” said Shelly Labovitz, one of the women behind SayulitAnimals.

The fourth quarter Spay and Neuter Clinic was on Monday, December 1st and Tuesday, December 2nd. Food and coffee were donated by ChocoBanana, El Break, and Burrito Revolution for all of the volunteers. Dr. Charlotte Burns and Dr. Rob Reiner, both veterinarians, Barb Templing, a veterinarian technician, and her son, Forrest, all from California, donated their time and services.

“My life passion has been to help animals. I realized that the root of the problem with homeless animals stems from an issue with population control. More sterilization equates to less homeless animals. I’ve always loved Mexico and for the last 15 years or so my goal has been to help animals in Mexico. I’ve now been coming to Sayulita four times a year for five years for sterilization clinics with SayulitAnimals. I also volunteer my time to do sterilizations at home in California. I’m very passionate about this,” shared Dr. Charlotte.

It was a very successful two days of sterilization. Sixty one animals in total were sterilized:  24 cats and 37 dogs. “These spay and neuter clinics really make a difference. It significantly lowers the number of unwanted puppies and kittens being born. There are so many less homeless animals in Sayulita as a result. It’s great that so many people are realizing the importance of sterilization,” said Sara Briner, another woman behind SayulitAnimals.

“Everything went very smoothly. We had a really amazing volunteer team.We also noticed that the animals that were brought in for sterilization were way healthier than they use to be. People are taking better care of their animals. It’s so rewarding to see,” shared Shelly and Sara.

If you would like to make a donation to SayulitAnimals, please donate here. There are also opportunites to volunteer. If you would like to help out, contact SayulitAnimals