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Mar 17 2017

This season marks the 7th anniversary of our Volunteer Lifeguard Training Sessions in Sayulita. We estimate that over the years we have trained roughly 125 Volunteers to help and support our current lifeguard program.

This year’s event was a HUGE success in part due to the support of many donations and volunteer efforts. Marilin States Grahn, a family friend of our Miracle Rescue victim Steve Schumacher, facilitated the donation of three Simulated Patients (Sim Men) that were used in our CPR and rescue demonstrations. A generous cash donation to Pro Sayulita from Karen and Steve Schumacher helped us with lunches and water and the purchase of rescue equipment and whistles. Firefighters Crossing Borders (FFCB) representative, Brian Singleton, designed and implemented the course outline. He coordinated with Proteccion Civil and the State of Nayarit to have ambulances, EMT’s, and instructors help us with training.

For the first time this year, our instructors were from the State of Nayarit’s Lifeguard Program. Edgar Moreno is an internationally trained and certified lifeguard instructor. He conducted a very professional training, putting all the volunteers through their paces. The volunteers ranged in age from 10-year-old Yolitic Perez, to a well-known local business man and surfer in his mid-40’s! In total, 17 Volunteers were certified at this year’s event.

Once again, thank you to all the volunteers who assisted in the training. Without the efforts of Tom Rupert and the other surfers in the Sayulita Trailer Park, this program would not be in existence. Thanks to Tom, Darsie Culbeck, “Grumpy” Smith, Geovani Perez, Jeff Lane, and all the many volunteers that work the beach every day, making our beaches a safer place to play!

Our next project is the building and installation of three new lifeguard towers. We have had two anonymous donors step up to the plate with funds to get this project going. Last week at the Pro Sayulita Gala Dinner at Don Pedro’s, Pro Sayulita managed to raise a further $3,800 USD to help with this project. Thank you to everyone who pledged money at that dinner.

We will be conducting weekly training exercises each Friday on the Northside beach from 7-9AM. The exercises will be conducted by the state lifeguards. Everyone is welcome to attend. See you on the beach!