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May 12 2017

As I am waiting for Lori, I am not sure what to expect. I have seen her ‘Cosmic Collage" art work, and I am impressed. But I can’t quite grasp the story behind the artistic expression. When she walks up and looks me in the eyes, I suddenly understand. Her bright eyes almost seem transparent and truly are a window into her soul, and into another dimension.

Lori, will you tell us a little about your background?

First of all, I am a mother to my children and a partner to the love of my life. I was born in Philadelphia, but I have been living in Sayulita and La Cruz for over twelve years. I fell in love with Sayulita, and I found my creative inspiration here, and I might never leave. Professionally, I have 17 years experience as a graphic artist. I have designed (and still do) many websites.

How and when did you make the switch from corporate life to art in Sayulita?

That’s an interesting question. I was working in Sayulita for many years and managing properties. It was very time consuming and it left little time for artistic inspiration. When this fell through, I was directed more towards art again. I was terrified of losing my financial safety and security, but I now know it happened for a reason. It was the beginning of Cosmic Collage art.

How do you work?

With my art, I customize photos and turn them into an artwork, a surreal and fantasy inspired print (on acrylic, canvas, wood, etc). My ideas and inspiration mostly come to me as visions. This can be during meditation or silent moments, where afterwards I know how to create the piece.

What themes do you pursue?

For my work, I can customize any given photo. I also do photo shoots in and near the water. These photo shoots can be about anything and always start with some creative brainstorming. However, most of my work is inspired by nature, particularly surfing, and indigenous culture.

What role does an artist have in society?

‘Cosmic Collage Art’ is a window into another dimension. I think we can all agree the ride here is getting a little bumpy, to say the least. My intention, as an artist, is to alleviate some of the heaviness that is going on in the world and make a contribution of beauty and light.

Where can we find your work Cosmic Collage Art?

You can find my work currently in Sayulita at Don Pedro’s, Zafiro, and Artefakto. Also, my work is displayed in Punta de Mita at La Calaverita.