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May 12 2017

Sometimes a name says it all. Like the Sayulita veterinary clinic, that is called ‘AnimaLove’. After spending some time with Dr. Marcia Alvarez, it is clear to me why all animals are in the best of hands with AnimaLove veterinary clinic.

Marcia, when you grew up, did you always wanted to be a vet?

Actually, when I grew up, I was interested in health. Not necessarily the health of animals, but health in general. However, when I was eight years old, I rescued a small dog from the streets and immediately fell in love with him and with the cause. I knew then that I wanted to become a vet. Becoming a vet has combined my passion for health and my love for animals. During my teenage and adolescent years, I began my volunteer work with animals, a work that continues to this day. Later, I went to University in Mexico to get my degree in veterinary science.

Why did you decide to open your clinic in Sayulita?

Well, we always loved the area of Banderas Bay. Later, we fell in love with the magical town of Sayulita, for its multicultural aspect and especially the differentiated way that Sayulita treats its animals. In addition, we saw the possibility of offering a veterinary alternative. It was also interesting to see how the animals’ needs seemed to be different from in the city. There seemed to be a significant gap between pet owners that absolutely adored their pets and owners treating their animals in not such good manner. I felt drawn to close that gap where I could.

Before opening our clinic, we worked as volunteers at SayulitAnimals (2010), bringing health and finding homes for animals. In 2011, we opened our own clinic, AnimaLove.

You mention ‘we’. Is AnimaLove run by multiple vets?

Yes. AnimaLove is a family business. My husband Dr. Gabriel Trejo and I are the vets for our clinic. We both graduated from UNAM / Mexico City, the maximum study house in Latin America.

In what way is AnimaLove different from other veterinarians?

That’s a good question. I believe that because we are a family business we’ve been able to create more of a community. Most of our clients stay with us for years and they become part of our extended family. Also, I believe that being a vet is not just a responsibility to the animal, but also to the owner. We build relationships with both, to stimulate healthy and happy interactions.

Are there specific (health) issues regarding animals in Sayulita?

When we first arrived here there was still the issue of sterilization. I think now we have reached the point where the importance of this is generally accepted, which is quite the accomplishment. Apart from that, we see common tropical diseases and sadly, traffic incidents that involve dogs.

What does AnimaLove have to offer?

We offer 24/7 emergency service besides all medical services in general -  X-rays, baths and grooming service for both dogs and cats, nutritional advice, and guidance and provision of the documentation necessary to travel with animals. We also do preventive dental care for pets. Lab test are available, snaps, and biometrics (soon we will also have blood chemistry). We also have a pet hotel to accommodate all kinds of pets. AnimaLove has your pet’s wellbeing as a number one priority. We strive to offer the highest of quality and professional medical care for the pet that you love so much. AnimaLove also offers to the public a wide range of pet-food, specialty food, cleaning accessories, toys, leashes, collars and much more.

Where can we find you?

You can find AnimaLove along the new boulevard, Calle Revolucion 4a, Sayulita, next to the Tourist Police. We can also be reached at 329 291 3295 / 322 227 5806. In addition, we are happy to have opened a branch in San Pancho on Calle America Latina, 80. We can be reached here at 322 172 6269.