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May 12 2017

Will you please tell us your name and a little bit about yourself?

I’m Ellen, married to Philip Schultz with three children and two grandchildren, and we own Casa Mar del Sur in Sayulita. We moved to Mexico permanently six years ago from the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, an absolutely wonderful place. After 12 years there we succumbed to the idea of no more shoveling a foot+ of snow every storm, and Phil and I and two of our children now live permanently in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Our children have a business here in SMA "La Finca," which provides wonderful home accessories. Our oldest daughter and family live in San Francisco, CA. We travel to Sayulita as often as possible when we have no guests to enjoy the beach that we fell in love with!

What is it about Sayulita that made you want to buy a vacation rental here?

We were exploring and found Sayulita one day while visiting in Puerto Vallarta with our young family of five and loved the relaxed atmosphere and "good vibe" that was generated by the locales, visitors, and residents. We bought in Sayulita because it was removed from Bahia Banderas, directly on the ocean with an unspoiled, more authentic Mexican lifestyle experience than the rapid paced cosmopolitan PV. We intended to make it our yearly beach vacation spot and possibly our retirement casa in the future.

How long after your first visit to Sayulita did you purchase your house?

We purchased our casa within two weeks of our first visit there and planned on possibly living there at some point in time, which never materialized as we promptly started renting to guests and found it a very fun and interesting pastime.

Did you build or remodel your home? If so, please tell us one of the classic "you won't believe this" stories?

Upon buying, it was a nice casa with good bones and three existing bedrooms on the property, which was suitable for our vacationing family after a bit of initial paint, planting, curtains, pool, new appliances, and modernization. Remodeling went perfectly without any "you won't believe this" stories!

How long have you owned your home in Sayulita?

We have owned Casa Mar del Sur for 15 years and early on built a pool, a casita, "Casa Luna," and done major enhancements within the original casa and large grounds.

Will you share with us some of the changes you have seen around town?

In the centro, there were cobblestone streets only and the tallest structure in town was two stories. The parkway that Costa Verde is on was a little dirt road. The highway south of town to Punta de Mita was being worked on, but basically required 4-wheel drive to navigate. Nanzal had two or three casas only. Don Pedro’s restaurant was there and Rollies came in a couple years. Consuelos and Don Pedro’s restaurants were much as they are today, but the area surrounding them has changed dramatically. There were six pay phones in downtown and no mobile service whatsoever. Telmex ran a new line into town and we happily paid a mordida to receive a line in our casa. The buildings, homes, and number of people have grown tremendously.

What in particular made you decide on this house rather than other listings available at the time?

Location! Location! Location!

How would you describe the neighborhood your vacation rental is in?

Casa Mar del Sur is in the quiet north beach paved area with similar casas, luxurious palms and a direct two-minute walking path to the beach just out our front gate. It is also close to the center of the village by merely meandering down the lane and across a small bridge where the river flows into the sea. 

Who is the most interesting guest you have hosted at your home? 

A U.S. Supreme Court Justice and family.

What are your favorite things to recommend your guests do while in Sayulita?

Breakfast out, beach, pool, lunch, beach, pool, dinner, beach, pool! Not to be outdone by relaxing on the comfy chaise lounges next to the pool or enjoying the chaises under the huge top palapa and watching the sea.

What do you feel sets your house apart from other vacation rentals in Sayulita?

Casa Mar (3 bedrooms) and Casa Luna (2 bedrooms) and Casa Mar del Sur, which encompasses both casas, is very compatible to rent to small parties of two or larger parties of up to eight or more with complete privacy. We have an excellent staff that has been with us for all of the 15 years, private covered parking, and lovely views of the mountains and ocean. It is a short stroll to the village if you wish to venture in for a wonderful selection of restaurants or souvenir searching. There are also fully equipped kitchens in both casas, as well as a bar-b-que located in the relaxing and shaded garden area.

What advice do you have for someone searching for a home/land in Sayulita? 

Do It!