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Nirvanna Spa & Massage in Sayulita, Mexico

Experienced Therapists and a wide variety of services
Specialty services such as pregnancy massage
Day Spa, Body Treatments, Organic Facials
Open 7 days a week
We have the only SOQI Infrared treatment bed in Sayulita

To view our Spa Services Menu and Price list, please see the "Menus & More" tab above

When you visit Nirvanna Spa in Sayulita, you will enter an environment that promotes relaxation and your overall experience will be totally rewarding for your body and spirit. Nirvanna combines over 12 years of experienced therapists with services and therapy that's right for you, from a relaxing massage to alternative health methods.

Graciela has the skill and experience needed to listen to the body, release muscle tension and allow your energy to flow naturally. Their offer certified therapists in each service, quality, and professionalism which makes a Nirvanna Spa Nirvanna in Sayulita unique.

With various body treatments, you get a comprehensive state of wellbeing, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Nirvanna's  philosophy: "Massage is an extraordinarily subtle ART that not only requires skill, but also LOVE. Recovery is both physical and mental. NINETY PERCENT OF DEEP MASSAGE WORK IS DONE BY LOVE AND TEN PERCENT THROUGH ART ".

We conclude all of our body treatments with a relaxing massage.

Nirvanna Spa offers much more than simply massage. In addition to bodywork, we offer organic facials, spa manicures and pedicures, gel polish, SOQI infrared bed treatments (the only one in Sayulita!) as well as specialties such as lymphatic drainage.

We offer packages such as antiaging facials combined with a spa manicure and pedicure. Please see the "More" tab for a complete list of services and prices.

Nirvanna offers in home treatments: All our services and treatments are available in the comfort of your home, hotel, or rental villa. 

Beach Massage: We are also available at the beach! We provide the same quality service, you can enjoy the Nirvanna experience on the main beach and at the end of Coral Street. Excellent Daily Promotions!

Please contact us via the form, email or call or simply stop by. We look forward to introducing you to the experience of Nirvanna in Sayulita!

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from 87 reviews
Totally enjoyed the massage here! The therapist was wonderful and had some techniques I have not seen before. Great price and great experience!
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Experienced: January, 2018
Excellent Massages!
Our group of four friends had an excellent experience with Nirvanna Spa during our vacation in Sayulita. We had Nirvanna come to our air bnb. They were able to accommodate four of us at one time for 90 minute massages and the cost was unbeatable. We all four agreed these were some of the best massages we've had!
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Experienced: November, 2017
Amazing massage, excellent service!
We opted to try this out vs getting a massage at our hotel for 10X the price (no joke)!
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Experienced: October, 2017
As Good As a Professional Massage in the States!
Excellent deep tissue massage that was as good if not better than any massage I've had back home in San Francisco. When my masseuse found a knot, she really made sure to get after it! Highly recommend.
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Experienced: July, 2017
Best massage ever!
I had the best massage I have ever had on the beach by Luis. It was so relaxing I could barely walk back to my beach chair! I highly recommend Luis as he was wonderful.

thank you,
Deborah from NY
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Experienced: April, 2017
I am a local and this is my favorite company for myself and my clients
I work in a hotel and recommend Nirvana to all of my clients. They provide a professional in-room service, and are always available on a moment's notice to arrive to the hotel. The client feedback is incredibly positive. I personally went to Nirvana for a massage and was taken by surprise by the care and kindness of the treatment. I am an athlete and it helped me work out sore muscles and moreover relieve stress. This is the #1 company I recommend to clients and friends in Sayulita. Our condo complex is located on a steep hill and the folks in Nirvana literally carry their massage beds up to the clients and are ready within a half hour's notice. When I went for the massage myself I felt incredibly comfortable and it helped me release built up stress.
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Experienced: January, 2017
In House Massages!
Two of the kindest and BEST women came to our villa - this is a MUST DO!!!! Cannot say enough good things about this company.
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Experienced: January, 2017
Best Deep Tissue Massage of my LIFE
I had an amazing experience at Nirvana Spa yesterday. The staff is friendly and professional, the venue is relaxing and I had an amazing deep tissue massage. My back and neck had been severely knotted, and the massage made things loosen up to the point that I could enjoy life again. Thanks, Nirvana!
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Experienced: December, 2016
best massage
My wife and I only had time for a 30 minute Had wed known how good it was going to be ,we would have come earlier and ask for at least an hour. Best price in Sayulita also.
[Read more]
Experienced: December, 2016
Very good
Everything was great
[Read more]
Experienced: October, 2016
Owner/Manager Name
born in Michoacan, grew up in Puerto Vallarta, in 2002 she moved ro Sayulita to open Nirvanna Spa.
Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Open 7 days a week
Av Palmar #10 second floor
USA/Canada Cell:
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Mexico Telephone:
329 29 13702
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Mexico Cell:
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
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In-Home Service

Daily Specials
In-Home Service