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Hi everyone. I am so happy to be here sharing recipes that are tried and true, and that I truly love! I wanted to share something really yummy with you all, and I finally decided on Fudgy Brownies. A site called set up a taste test using brownie recipes from Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, the Pioneer Woman, and Alton John, and Alton John’s Brownies were clearly the winner. I made them yesterday to take to an afternoon get together and they were perfect for a late Sayulita snack; fudgy, simple to make, and oh so delicious!
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Yambak. Most of us here in Sayulita instantly know the name and place, with its iconic location on the corner of the plaza; we’ve all seen locals and tourists alike having fun, enjoying great music, and dancing in the street at the corner of Yambak. Most notorious for its DJ nights with electronic music, Yambak has recently branched out to now offer an extensive beer and delicious food menu, with daily specials of poke bowls, cocktails, and in-house crafted beers. Arturo of Yambak tells me more about the history of the bar and restaurant, as well as some of the new things guests will find when they visit Yambak.
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Tranco’s Carniceria in Sayulita recently got a remodel, and along with that, an upgrade to the types of specialty items they carry in their store. Being a local family-run and family-owned business, Tranco’s Carniceria takes great care in the products they carry, as well as the service they provide to our community. I can say from my own personal experience shopping at Tranco’s, that it is clear that they take pride in the relationships they have with their customers. Every time I enter the store, I am greeted by name. It is not often that a business takes that much personal interest in their clients, and it definitely feels special. I talked with one of the owners, Lourdes, about what’s new in the store, and what customers can expect with the recent remodel.
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Achara Restaurant has made quite a name for itself here in Sayulita in just the short time it has been open. Due to its use of immaculate, traditional Thai ingredients, the fair prices, and quality service, it has gained a stellar reputation, along with the fact that it is unique in being the only restaurant in town serving this type of cuisine. I speak with owner and head chef Samuel Frances about Achara Restaurant, and what has made it such a hit.
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Taking a trip to Mexico was on my list of things I wanted to do and one of the top places I wanted to visit. Recently, I was inspired by someone who was at one time a big part of my life; her experiences in seeing the world on her own was, as she described, something of an eye opener where she discovered not only foreign places, but found out new things about herself. This is what led me to discover the must-visit town of Sayulita.
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Vallarta Lifestyles Restaurant Week is a two week food festival in Puerto Vallarta, as well as the greater Nayarit area. The festival takes place each year from May 15th to June 10th. During these two weeks, participating restaurants offer their guests special innovative three-course menus to delight anyone seeking to explore our destination’s outstanding cuisine at a reduced price. Typically, most restaurants that participate in this festival are located in Puerto Vallarta, however this year, local restaurant Bistro Organico in San Pancho will also be participating. I speak with Gisela Marin from Bistro Organico about their involvement in this year’s festival.
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I found the MOST DELICIOUS recipe for Mexican Chorizo Meatball Sandwiches last week! After all, we live in Sayulita, so let’s cook with some Mexican style flavors! If you eat meat, I believe that you will really enjoy this recipe. Served in a fresh baked bolillo (baguette) with homemade mayonnaise and chipotle peppers, it makes your mouth water just thinking about it!
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Have you ever heard the expression “Everything but the kitchen sink”? If not, it’s an expression that implies that you use any and everything you have available in your kitchen (besides the sink, of course) to create a meal. This means anything and everything goes in terms of what ingredients you use! I have heard the expression used before for cookies, but today I wanted to call this column “Everything But The Kitchen Sink Frittata! As long as you have eggs and cheese in your fridge, the sky's the limit as to what you can use to make this very yummy breakfast frittata. It is easy to make in your Sayulita kitchen, and delicious!
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I have been following the ketogenic lifestyle these days for all of my meals, and one of the things I have missed the most is French Fries. I discovered that jicama, available in almost every tienda here in Sayulita, makes the most delicious French Fries! Thus, I am no longer having cravings for a good batch of crispy fries. These jicama fries are really simple to make; I highly recommend that you try them. Serve them with mayo on the side for a tasty dip. Let me know how you like them!
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As eclectic and diverse as Sayulita is, and as much as I love tacos, sometimes I find myself really craving flavors that are special and different from the ordinary or typical meals we find in town. Thus, when Zatar restaurant first opened in Sayulita in February of 2018, I was so excited to see a restaurant with a totally different flavor profile and concept than anything else that existed in town. Since then, Zatar has easily become my favorite restaurant in town, and one I enthusiastically recommend to all of my friends. There are so many menu items at Zatar that are my favorite that I actually joke with my friends about how I could pull off eating there every day. Not only is every dish deliciously cooked to perfection with locally sourced, fresh ingredients, but most of the menu items are made from scratch daily, directly in the restaurant. The food is simply a labor of love; this fact combined with the beautiful ambiance and decor of the restaurant makes you and your taste-buds feel as though you are transported to another part of the world when you dine at Zatar. For me, eating at Zatar feels like eating a meal prepared by a beloved family member. I talk with owner Kelly Majid about Zatar’s beginnings, what the menu is like, and how Zatar is unique from other restaurants in Sayulita.