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Sayulita Wine Shop has been serving and selling delicious imported and local wines to Sayulita, as well as offering fun wine tasting events, lovingly known as “Wine Wednesdays.” Now, with some recent changes and new services added to their repertoire, Sayulita Wine Shop is even better equipped to provide you with all of your wine needs in Sayulita. Owners Gisela and Calixto explain some of their new offerings and events.
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I can’t believe that the holiday season is right around the corner! Here in Sayulita, the sun is shining, the weather is really warm, and snow will never happen. Nonetheless, the spirit of Christmas is everywhere around us- from the big firecracker booms that wake us up reminding us to go to church mass, to people getting together to share in the holiday spirit, to kitchens smelling of yummy cookies, cakes & appetizers, and to the drinking eggnog or icey prosecco.
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*Dear readers- please note we tried to post this delicious recipe with you a few issues ago, but due to a technical error the link to the article was broken. We have fixed the error and are sharing it again for you to enjoy. Yesterday I bought a beautiful roasted chicken from the rotisserie pollo (chicken) shop in Sayulita. There are so many different recipes that one can use with roasted chicken. I love pollo, avocados, jalapeños, and love cheese— so I put them all together, and made "Aguacates Rellenos de Pollo con Queso”, or "Chicken Stuffed Baked Avocados with Cheese.” It is a simple, most delicious recipe that I just had to share it with you today! All the ingredients are available here in Sayulita.
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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is coming up so soon? I love this holiday because it gives me the opportunity to make one of my favorite yummy desserts! Traditionally, Pecan Pie with Whipped Cream is always on my menu for Thanksgiving. I realize that many people are intimidated by making a pie crust; so I modified my recipe to make it super easy for you! You can make Pecan Pie Bars, with a delicious shortbread crust.
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The verdict is in! I wanted to make a delicious, simple, and easy appetizer that would be perfect for an upcoming home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, or even for a fun dinner party, and I found it! Have you ever made Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms with melted cheese? I have tasted a few different stuffed mushroom recipes, but have never tasted any with chorizo before. I made these stuffed mushrooms last night because I happened to have on hand the three ingredients that are needed for this recipe. All these ingredients are easily available here in Sayulita. How great is that? My husband and I both agreed that this appetizer is a real winner!
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Latitude 20 Restaurant / Sports Bar is a Sayulita favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Recently, Latitude 20 has undergone a bit of a makeover and has been given some extra love thanks to the new ownership of Teague Kernan. Rest assured, guests can still expect the same great service, diverse menu, the specialty BBQ, and rockin’ live music, but all with a new and improved zest and energy! I talked with Teague about his background in the restaurant industry, some of the changes happening in the restaurant, as well as what’s staying the same in one of Sayulita’s favorite local spots.
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I have always LOVED donuts! These days most of us are watching what we eat; many try to eat low fat, avoid sugars, or are gluten intolerant, etc. Thus, donuts may no longer be on our radar. I honestly had not eaten a donut for years because they are usually deep fried. However, last month I came upon a most delicious gluten-free baked donut recipe that I absolutely have to share with you! They are so light and airy, and have a delicious chocolate glaze.
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El Pescador Poke Bar, a family owned restaurant, is new to Sayulita as of this year, 2019. The restaurant is named “El Pescador” or “The Fisherman” after the owners, who actually are local fishermen here in Sayulita who fish and source all of the seafood for the restaurant. I talk with head chef, Edgar Torres about the restaurant’s background, menu, and of course, all of the fresh and delicious seafood on the menu.
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Today I was craving a nice light pizza for lunch that was not too doughy. In this hot Sayulita weather, I often want a meal that will fill me up while still feeling light and fresh. Do you feel that way sometimes? For the longest time I have been trying out different pizza crust options; I have made the Napoli style organic unbleached wheat flour crust, and it is my actual favorite, but I am trying to stay away from carbohydrates as much as I can. I have also tried the keto fat-head crust; I personally like it, but my husband finds it too rich & heavy. Then, for awhile I made cauliflower crust pizzas, but they are so labor intensive. Thus, last week I came across a recipe for a Crispy Cheese Crust. I tried it and was pretty impressed with the results. This recipe is the perfect option for when you are in the mood for a very fast, crispy crust!
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In my last column I promised you a recipe for a yummy, Fresh Strawberry Cake. I made it a week ago, and my taste testers said that it was the BEST they had ever eaten! Now if that isn’t a good reason to go into your Sayulita kitchen and bake this up right now, I surely don’t know what is! Fresh strawberries are almost always available at most of the local fruterias in town. Here is the recipe; I am sure that you will love it as much as my taste testers did. This is actually a recipe from my favorite food blogger, Once Upon a Chef, Jenn Segal.