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Quiverito Surf Shop in Sayulita is a mindfully curated boutique surf shop located on Calle Marlin, just meters from Sayulita's main beach & break. A laid-back and charming shop, it is a classic "Mom & Pop" type of surf shop, proudly selling handmade, hand picked items, and often playing vintage vinyl on their record player. Quiverito Surf Shop is an essential shop to visit while exploring Sayulita or looking for surf lessons and rentals. Owners Brian and Cristina tell me more about their shop and what makes it unique, in a surf town saturated with places for surf lessons and rentals.
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One of the best ways to enjoy a day off or to spend a day of vacation here in Sayulita is to take advantage of your location and go on an unforgettable sailing trip! With so many beautiful sites to see around the area, as well as incredible wildlife, such as dolphins and whales, nothing compares to spending a day on the ocean with great company. Magic Charters in Sayulita is the perfect option when looking to book your intimate and memorable sailing adventure! Owners Monika and Tony tell me more about Magic Charters Sayulita, and what exactly gives it its “magic.”
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Long time Sayulita resident, Audrey Royem, returns to her business Ai Real Estate + Relocation, also known as “Audrey International”, to continue offering quality and efficient legal and consulting services in real estate investing and business start-up. Audrey is renowned for facilitating people's transition through the many challenging choices and considerations when deciding to invest and/or live in the Sayulita area.
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With so many beautiful, charming, and historic homes in our little pueblo of Sayulita, it is easy to become enchanted by the many villas and casitas, old and new, that captivate us with their charm and history here in Sayulita. Casa Nido, a 5 bedroom and 3.5 bath home located at the south end of the main beach, is considered to be one the oldest homes still standing in Sayulita, with origins dating back to the 1960’s. I find out more information about this historic vacation rental, its beginnings, and how it has changed over the years.
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If you take beach walks in Sayulita, you might encounter dogs wearing strikingly colorful beaded collars as they run, wrestle, and swim in the ocean. You might also see people around town wearing similarly styled beaded bracelets, and designers working on the streets creating these pieces. These works of art are hand crafted by members of the native Huichol tribe. One Sayulita couple recently launched an online store called Boho Mango to help support local Huichol artisans by marketing these beautiful collars and bracelets to the world.
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Today I was craving a nice light pizza for lunch that was not too doughy. In this hot Sayulita weather, I often want a meal that will fill me up while still feeling light and fresh. Do you feel that way sometimes? For the longest time I have been trying out different pizza crust options; I have made the Napoli style organic unbleached wheat flour crust, and it is my actual favorite, but I am trying to stay away from carbohydrates as much as I can. I have also tried the keto fat-head crust; I personally like it, but my husband finds it too rich & heavy. Then, for awhile I made cauliflower crust pizzas, but they are so labor intensive. Thus, last week I came across a recipe for a Crispy Cheese Crust. I tried it and was pretty impressed with the results. This recipe is the perfect option for when you are in the mood for a very fast, crispy crust!
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Florence Events, a family owned, brand-new luxury event venue here in Sayulita, aims to cater to all of your special event needs to make your vision become a reality. With beautiful views, comfortable accommodations, and a modern and clean style, Florence Events is the perfect choice when planning your event here in Sayulita. I talk with the owner of Florence Events to find out why Florence is the right space to choose, and what makes it unique.
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This month’s recipient of Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation is Ser Su Voz, Sayulita A.C. (Association Civil). Ser Su Voz Sayulita A.C. is a local community group which was formally created this past March of 2019. The initial founder of the group is Sayulita local and passionate environmental advocate, Tracie Willis, but the group includes five other members: Erik Luna, Luisa Viteri, Candelario Salaz, Cesar Gonzalez, and Enrique Michel. Along with assisting in local causes related to helping preserve and protect our environment, Ser Su Voz has created several initiatives for our community and in helping our eco-systems. Ser Su Voz received an official new office last month, in July of 2019. This is a huge step forward for the group in order to better function and manage as a proper association, however the office was in desperate need of supplies and materials in order to be proficient on a professional level. The $5,000 donation from Sayulita Life will go directly toward purchasing office supplies and materials to help the group to attain their goal of efficiency and to help them run their association more smoothly.
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The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” still rings true today and stands the test of time for a reason. Photos have the magical and beautiful ability to preserve memories, tell a story, or capture moments that are fleeting; in essence, photos make all aspects of this impermanent life, permanent. Jenn Farmer, professional photographer in Sayulita, offers a wide range of photography services, whether you are a local business that needs brand photos, or you are visiting Sayulita and you want something to remember your time here, or you’re a family that wants to capture your love and moments together. Jenn is extremely experienced and very talented at what she does; I talk with Jenn and she tells me more about her passion for photography and the types of photos she has the most expertise in.
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Tim B. Photography in Sayulita specializes in helping businesses gain more online attention in Google searches through Google Maps / Street Views and Virtual Tours, thus contributing to more online visits, more sales, and more profits for those businesses. His passion for both technology and the artistry of photography combine to make him a skilled and unique photographer in the area that can help boost the success of a business. I talked with Tim about his background, his passion for photography, his expertise in Google Maps and Virtual Tours, and how this could help a local business’s success.