Casa Nido- One of the Oldest Homes in Sayulita

Casa Nido- One of the Oldest Homes in Sayulita

With so many beautiful, charming, and historic homes in our little pueblo of Sayulita, it is easy to become enchanted by the many villas and casitas, old and new, that captivate us with their charm and history here in Sayulita. Casa Nido, a 5 bedroom and 3.5 bath home located at the south end of the main beach, is considered to be one the oldest homes still standing in Sayulita, with origins dating back to the 1960’s. I find out more information about this historic vacation rental, its beginnings, and how it has changed over the years.

Owner of Casa Nido, Brian Hodges, explains a bit of the history behind his beautiful home. “I’m told that Casa Nido is one of the oldest houses in Sayulita. It was originally built by a family from Guadalajara back in the 1960’s, and has some pretty original features, including probably the only (original) fireplace in town. We first stumbled across the village of Sayulita about 25 years ago, and didn’t return to live permanently until a number of years later. About ten years ago, around 2010, we were looking for a place to stay, and through word of mouth, discovered a beachfront house that had been abandoned for eight years. Needless to say, things were a mess; there was no power, no water, and the roof caving in. It was a disaster of a house, but had a great view and a great location.”

“Undeterred by the scope of the work, we made a deal with the owner at the time. In exchange for free rent, we would make the house habitable. After investing a fair amount of blood, sweat, and tears doing a simple remodel, we recognized what a special find the house was. We ended up buying the place and spent five more years remodeling and landscaping. Where there was once bare dirt, we now have trees we can climb and fresh cocos to eat. Seedlings have matured into a jungle, and we are now the only beach-front house that you can’t see from the beach; we have total privacy. With the help of some very talented local artisans, we’ve created the beach-front tree-house of our dreams.”

Nestled on a hillside with panoramic views of the main beach and the coastline, Casa Nido is situated like a tree-house in a jungle setting at the south end of the main beach. Casa Nido is like a private sanctuary, with stunning tropical gardens terraced over a 1/2 acre, providing guests with total privacy. The home has been described as “a tree house for adults, where no attention to detail or comfort was spared.” The expansive decks provide gorgeous views, and make it the perfect spot for a yoga class, health retreat, or other group event. With 5 bedrooms, the house can sleep up to 10 guests, accommodating large groups for various special events or retreats. One of the oldest homes in Sayulita, Casa Nido exudes tremendous character, and is fresh out of an extensive remodel. To really get a sense of the history behind the home, as well as the love, hard work, and detail that went into the remodel, check out  the before and after photos posted above.

To find out more information about Casa Nido, please visit their Sayulita Life Web Page.

*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri